Tape allergy/sensitivity

I have been using pump for 25 years and sensor for 10+ years. Recently (within the last several years) started having issues with the tape supplied for 670g Gaurdian sensor. Would get horrible red, raised itchy, exact outline of the tape on my skin. Sometimes would extend outward from the application site. So bad sometimes had to use topical steroids to clear it up. I can’t use Medtronic supplied tape, period. Wondering if others have had the same or similar problem (with pump site or sensor) and what they have done. I will get skin irritation time to time from the infusion site but nothing like with the sensor. Current solution is to place tegaderm tape down first, place sensor through tegaderm then secure with white medipore tape. Thoughts… and thank you.

I don’t use any Medtronic tech but for allergies I use Flonase (nasal spray) and spray it on the site and allow it to dry before proceeding with my insertion as normal.


I also use Flonase.
My allergies to adhesive wax and wane.
When it’s bad I can still manage.
I put a drop of neosporin where I want to put my set.
Then I cover it with iv3000 tape.
Then I poke through the iv3000 aim for the spot of neosporin underneath.
The neosporin does double duty. It’s thick and blocks the adhesive from working down the cannula. It also prevents bacteria from getting in and irritating the site.

It works great for me. However first find out if you are allergic to it.
I get the iv3000 from my insurance. It comes 100 to a box and I can get them every quarter but twice a year is good enough.

You can do the same with the sensors however don’t use neosporin because it will mess with the sensor wire.

I first had a rash from plastic tape when donating blood. I would insist on paper tape because it didn’t cause the problem. I assumed because I am allergic to horses that was the problem. They did use horse collagen for glue manufacturer, but is uncommon so I doubt that was it.

Acrylates, including methacrylates, and epoxy diacrylates seem to be the usual suspects in adhesives causing contact dermatitis. There were posts here or at Beyond Type 2 mentioning that Dexcom/Medtronics had changed their adhesive to one causing the irritation and later changing back. I wonder what the adhesive was in the good one. Inquiring minds want to know.

Thanks. I’ve never thought of this. Do you use Flonase for sensor site, infusion site or both?

I, too, have really horrendous sensitivities to various adhesives. And the adhesive on the back of the quick-sets was causing such inflammation that I almost gave up on the pump…but, luckily, I found two tapes that work for me.

One is IV3000, by Smith & Nephew. I started out using these years ago, and they were great. Unfortunately, at some point they changed their adhesive and, while it still didn’t cause a reaction, it doesn’t stick as well.

So then I went to Tegaderm patches. Used them for several years, but then started (mildly) reacting to them as well. So I switched back to IV3000. IV3000 adheres better if you use IV prep wipes first (an alcohol wipe that has a mild adhesive in it…don’t use it on the insulin bottle!)

I still have some Tegaderm patches, and I use them in the summer if I go to the beach. Other than that, IV3000 is the way to go, at least for me.

I use Flonase as a rule. If it’s not enough and I get irritation, I will switch to my neosporin and iv3000 for a while.
Sometimes it’s just a mood thing.
However the iv3000 keeps the set from being ripped out.
It’s really good for that if it’s an issue for u

Sensor site only since I haven’t had any allergies to an infusion site yet. I didn’t used to get reactions to Dexcom either but when they changed the adhesive I was one of the ones affected by the change. I’m mostly using it as a precaution at the moment since Dexcom did change their adhesive again but I worry about getting one of the itchy batches of sensors still.

Flonase: for technical clarity, is this a skin creme ointment?
From what I have gathered, Flonase is a nasal spray allergy relief product. FLONASE® Allergy Relief - Nasal Spray for Allergies

After a few applications of the G6 sensor, my skin is now rebelling to the G6 sensor adhesive with the bumps, itching and bleeding, when the sensor is removed.

Flonase is for your nose but it works great if you spray it on your skin. Most people with allergies have it around anyway.
Flovent is the same thing in inhaler form.
You can also try Benadryl cream. But not sure if it will stick with that on.

Thank-you for clarifying. I did call my pharmacist to question if it might be a skin creme medium; and we agreed it certainly wasn’t beyond the realm of possibility to use a nasal spray as a skin ointment. Thanks again, I’ll have to get some.