Target BG Range - 3 year old

Hello all,

I know that most of you have a Target BG range somewhere near 100. My 3 1/2 year old son’s endo has his target set at 150 - 200. Do you think this is a little high in order to avoid hypos, or do you think it is because he is growing and needs it higher than an adult, or do you think it is excessive and too high?

Anyone out there with Type 1 kiddos, and if so what is their Target set at?

Our OmniPod will not give him a correction unless he is over 200, and will try to get him to 150.

Hi Joseph! I know other type 1 children that had similar target ranges. So this doesn’t sound unusual to me. Perhaps you could also post something asking this in the group for parents of kids with type 1.

My niece was diagnosed at 8. Her initial target was between 100 and 120. She was on MDI before we got the pump and her ISF was 100 so we could not correct either until she got to 200. If she was 150 a one unit correction would bring her to 50. So, in our infinite wisdom (LOL), we would feed her enough carbs to cover the extra half unit and give the correction. This would bring her back to 100. We were not told to do this. However, we did not want her hanging in the 150, 170 range until the next meal. I know young children have higher targets. Personally would rather have a 130 target than 150. And I would probably just use exercise to bring blood sugar down if I did not feel comfortable with the above method. No, I would not like hanging out in the 150, 170, 180 range for hours on end. There are ways to get around it.