Target blood glucose ranges

I was curious to know what the determined blood glucose ranges are from other diabetics. I believe my range is from 80mg/mL to 140 mg/dL. I was under the impression that keeping your blood glucose level at 80 mg/dL was too low, but after some reading 80mg/dL to 100 mg/dL is fairly normal for non diabetics. I generally shoot to keep my sugars in the 120mg/dL range, but do some people strive for lower than that? I know there are lots of other factors involved in this subject, and everyone is different. But just curious to know how everyone else manages their diabetes care :) Thanks!

I shoot for 80-125. Usually I am able to achieve 55-65% time in this range. My pump target is set at 105. A1c 5.9. I set my range based on where I personally feel 100% healthy (mentally and physically). Note that I choose to keep a much more aggressive target than is considered necessary. It’s not because I’m worried about complications. It’s because I feel really terrible when my blood sugar is high, and can’t think/work effectively.

Pump is set for 100-110. Acceptable is 70-120. I maintain <90 about 85% of the time.

When I was diagnosed 15 years ago, I was told 70-120. A friend diagnosed at the same time was told that no, it was 75-125..because, you know, 5 points makes a difference... Now, my doctors seem to want me to keep it a bit higher. They seem to get antsy when I get close to 80 and encourage me to "relax" and let my sugars coast up to 150. After all that, I correct to 100 and no one complains too take that as you will.

Hi -

There are ranges and targets. I feel I'm doing well if I stay within a range of 80-140 but I correct using a target of 95. The only time I feel 80 is too low is if I'm about to start exercising. In that situation, I aim for 120.


It really depends on what I’m doing. If im just hanging out watching TV or working on a computer, I like to be 75-100. If I’m driving, a little higher, if I’m shopping (walking), 90-120, same for if I’m with very active little kids. But I like to stay safely under 100. That’s my goal. But I also have the beginnings of some complications, so I don’t like to be above 120 for any significant amount of time. My A1Cs are in the low 5’s and I test a lot.
Today I was 145 after a pretty rough cardio workout and 45 minutes later I was 75. Yesterday I was 145 after a tough strength workout and knew I needed a correction and even with my “normal” correction, I was still in the 120’s. It all depends on you, where you are comfortable and what you are doing and how your body reacts to what you did. Our own science experiment.

my target is 4.0 (72) to 8.5 (153).
it is a range i am comfortable with, others might prefer it differently.