Tattoo Anyone?

Does anyone have a medical alert tattoo? I am considering one. I have developed a new love for running and have experienced some scary lows. Where do you have yours and what does it look like?

I don't have any but I find medical tattoos (or even some non-medical ones) pretty interesting. A number of members here on TuDiabetes have tattoos. You may find some on the photos being shown on the main page. You can also join this group: Inked Diabetes

I am hoping for a cure in which case the tattoo would seem odd.
Of course I have an ELMO tattoo though.

I have a tattoo (an awareness one) and have a wide variety of photos of people with medical tattoos at if you are looking for ideas.

The wrist is the best location for sure because it's the first place a paramedic will look. I like some of the tattoos that incorporate the medic alert symbol with a zodiac symbol.

I'd be curious to know if anyone's ever been "saved" by one? They are sort of cool but I went with a non-medic alert diabetes tattoo:

Thanks everyone!