I’m new to the group been type 1 for 15 yrs I already have 8 tattoos but I’m deciding on getting medical alert tattoo for safety reasons I wanted it on my wrist but I frequent hospitals so thinking upper arm but would be vissible …any comments apprieciated

I think the theory is that the wrist works since, if you keel over, the EMTs are likely to check there for a pulse while they are assessing what the problem might be. I'm not totally sold on the process and got a different sort of diabetes tattoo:

I know a couple of people who are EMTs are on the site, maybe they'll happen by and be able to better advise you where to put it? Good luck with your inking though!! What do you mean by "frequent hospitals"? Lots of lows? I had a few when I was younger and then a couple 2010/ 2011 (long stories, perhaps interesting that both involved family events and me getting unfocused or something?) but have been ok since, although this year I've been in the shop a lot for non-D stuff. Or maybe it was "influenced" by D? Stuff like the weird infection I think moved a lot faster w/ D than without.

please join our group for those with tatts

plenty of pictures there too

That’s awesome well frequent being anemic thyroid neuropathy diabetic my luck lol