Tattoos and diabetes

I’ve read a lot of information about tattoos and how it effects diabetics. Some have said that its basically stupid to even think about getting a tattoo if you have diabetes but others are saying that its fine as long as you have good control and the only difference was that the tattoo took longer to heal. Most testimonials that can from diabetics said that. I also read that you weren’t supposed to get tattoos on your arms or legs or feet. I was going to get a medic alert on my wrist but now I don’t know if it would be really risky. My question is if you have a tattoo, did you have any problems besides the longer healing time? All comments are appreciated :slight_smile:

I have one and i didn’t have any problems with it. I followed the directions and it worked out fine.

Hoping the pic works…I got my medic alert tattoo when my a1c was well over 10% and I rarely had a reading under 300. Healed up just fine. My guy won’t do my ankle, though, even with my much lower a1c and way tighter control. Not saying high a1c/bg won’t cause anyone else problems…just that I’ve never had a problem with longer healing times…I heal very quickly and rarely scar…always been like that and haven’t noticed a difference with the 'betes, even with having horrible control for the 1st 5 years…(I’ve only had it 6).

When I got my tattoo my control was anybody’s guess since I did not go to the doc and at that point. I was on NPH and R (old old insulins if you didn’t know- They sucked for me!!!) so my control likely wasn’t that great at that point and I had absolutely no problems.

I was one NPH and R for the first 8 years of my diabetes life and when my doctor finally switched me to Lantus and H, my a1c was 14.6. Its currently 10.1 but I think I might still wait at least a little while just to be on the safe side. And Jeska, yours is AWESOME :slight_smile: I’ve been looking to get ideas and that’s kind of like another one that I fell in love with

My heart and rose tattoo, has been on my upper arm for 16 years, and I’ve never had any issues with it. I’ve been 'betic for close to 30 years, and have had no healing issues at all - until last fall.

When I wore my cgm sensor on that arm, my doc did tell me, not to insert right on the tattoo.