Tattoos with diabetes?

I am planning on getting a tattoo sometime next week, my a1c last month was not too great, it was 13.
but i have been doing really good since, so i know its gone down some, not alot but some.

everywhere i read people say they had out of control sugars, but tattoo healed fine cause they had better control before and after the tattoo and they took care of it properly.

so im asking what was your a1c when you got your tattoos?
and how did they heal?

Mine was probably 5.2 or something like that...

I'm not sure about tattoos @ 13. It may go ok but, if there's any type of problem healing because of infection or things like that, I think there would be a chance it might damage your art if something sloughs off or needs to be debrided or any of the other horrors that can happen. It might be prudent to work to get a solid BG to make it stick, as it were?

I have 2 tattoos - one being Diabetes related! - and my A1C's were probably around 9-10 when I got both of them. They healed just fine and I did not have any problems.

The most important thing I think is that you keep super good control of your blood sugars the few days before you get inked, as well as the entire week or two while it is healing/scabbing. Don't make it easy for it to get infected!

Edit: The other thing is, when you have a high glucose level in your blood, it makes your blood "thicker", so they might be able to tattoo certain parts because of weird bleeding patterns.