Can diabetic people make a tattoo?

Hi everyone !!!

I am Ancy n I m 28 yrs old n i have been detected of diabetes for 2 years now....n i have a big desire to draw a tattoo on my wrist with my husbands name....
so my question is can diabetic people make a tattoo?

Is there any healing problem involved?

Yes. There's a whole group: of people who have them. I don't think that anyone there has had any healing problems that they've noted?

I agree w/ AR that you should check out the group. The only thing I would add is that uncontrolled diabetes can cause you to heal slower than normal. I would just check with your doctor to make sure your control is adequate (for example having an A1c that is appropriate) and then I would just follow the directions from the tattoo parlor regarding healing and properly caring for your ink after you get it done.

Thx frds i wld surely check out d group...