Tea and carbs

Another carb question! I quit caffeine cold turkey almost three months ago. I should have quit years ago, but it took two completely different doctors recommending it (a cardiologist and an allergist) before I finally did. Anyway, I'm drinking water and herbal tea and occasionally Crystal Light, but I'm also trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners.

My question is whether herbal tea has carbs. Most of the boxes do not have any nutrition label. Yet, some of them contain things like licorice and orange peel or berries that I think would have some carbs.

The one I'm drinking now is called "Sweet Wild Orange" which makes me think it might have carbs (it's a very strong orange flavour). There is no label on the box, and nothing on the company website. The only thing I could find was on MyFitnessPal it said it had 0 carbs, but I have no idea who might have contributed that information.

I wish ALL products that were ingested had nutritional labels! They all have ingredients so you'd think they should also all include nutritional information.

Just so happens I have some Bigelow Orange and Spice Herb Tea that does have a nutrition label. It says "total carbohydrate less than 1 gram".

Good to know. A few years ago I drank licorice tea and felt like it made my BG high. With this Orange tea I've been high a few times after drinking it, but hard to tell if that's from the tea or from food I was eating while I drank the tea.

Hi Jen,

The only problem I've had with tea was some tea from teavana- creme brulee(not herbal), it had pieces of pineapple etc. which spiked me. When I bought it they said it had no carbs but this wasn't true clearly,teavana had a carb content I think when I called them, I can't remember now. Most herbal teas usually have 0 or less than 1g, but I would call the company and test to see if they spike you if you can tell then maybe you can eliminate the ones that do. Try drinking it by itself and see what happens. I drink an organic chammomileg/lemon tea which doesn't spike me at all.

1 t fresh orange peel , 1 carb
Looked at several teas, such as peppermint, chamomile, spiced and the most carbs in any of them--served black--is <1 carb

I'm in Canada and our packages of tea have a nutritional analysis label on them and I have about 10 kinds. All of them say zero carbs or <1.

Weird. I'm in Canada, too, and most teas I buy don't have the labels. Either that or they are somewhere I haven't found them. Thanks for all the information, though! Sounds like most teas don't have carbs, or at least not enough to worry about.