Tech question for final stage set-up of OmniPod Riley looping

We’d love your guidance if you’ve got experience setting up the OmniPod Riley loop. It’s for our 6yo daughter who is type one.

All the set-up is complete but the final stage is troublesome. Does anyone have experience with this error?

MONGODB_URI seems invalid
Authentication failed.

Any guidance would be much appreciated!

Welcome to TuD, @Maddy1! It looks like you are stuck setting up NightScout with your DIY Omni-Loop. What instructions are you following?

These are the instructions that I follow. I don’t use Omni-Loop but instead use an old Medtronic pump with the DIY Loop. Most of the instructions for both the Omnipod and Medtronic are the same. I’ve successfully used these instructions. I’ve not been through this process very often, so I can’t recall the steps from memory.

There are two FaceBook groups that may be able to help you: CGMinTheCloud and Looped. Someone here may be able to help but I think your chances would be better on those two venues.

Didn’t Nightscout kill off the mongolabs thing? I remember having to migrate to Atlas instead. I use Nightscout, but not for looping, so I might be missing something.

Thank you. Are you looping the OmniPod and Dexcom?

Yes, those are the ones we’re using. Thanks though!