DIY looping on Android-- I'm so confused

I’ve been reading about the DIY loop system but I do not use an iPhone, and have been having a hard time figuring out what my options are.

I use the Dexcom G6 with the Eros Omnipod and have a Google Pixel 2 XL phone. In theory, I’ve got an old Medtronic pump somewhere, but I have been unable to find it. I do have an older Tandem T-Slim as well.

Can anyone help me to understand what my options are? As far as I can tell, Loop is out of the question (iOS only), but I don’t think the pumps I have access too are accessible using OpenAPS (which I think is my only option for using Android devices). Is this accurate?

Thanks in advance to the community for any guidance you can provide.

Hi @schleima the graphic posted below might help clear up your options. As you stated previously, without an iphone “Loop” is not an option, even with the Omnipod. Depending on which Medtronic pump you have, you might be able to set something up.

OpenAPS Pumps

OpenAPS SetUp


You might just wait it out for the next version. But, I don’t think its a bad idea to buy a separate cell phone for this project only. I think its good to have one cell phone for just medical purposes, not with a bunch of apps installed on it, not one that you use to browse the internet. OpenAPS, OpenOmni, Loop are all joined into one project, I believe.

You can get loop for your Medtronic pump. That has been available for a long time. However, I, personally, would not change pump hardware to accommodate the software. Changing cell phone is no big of a deal. Changing to this new system will be a big deal and I dont think you want to make too many changes at once. It will come to you. Give it a little time. Its here. Start reading documentation in preparation for an upcoming change.

Also, I’m curious. Have you discussed this with your doctor? What did they say? I dont know if this has to be a secret change or not. I dont understand what I say to my Doc, but I’m nervous about it. I have an appointment coming in June. I will discuss it then and let you know how it goes.

I sent him preliminary research some months ago to prepare him for whats coming. If you need it, I will upload it here…There’s some long winded stuff because I wrote it for school. Its very long, but it contains all necessary research in the references at the back. Hope this helps! Not sure what else to do to prepare the Docs. (There are two parts - its a very large word file)

Part_1_Cleaned_for_PPE_Final_Paper_v5.docx (7.7 MB)

Part_2_Cleaned_for_PPE_Final_Paper_v5.docx (7.2 MB)

@Terry4, I saw u starting to write something…How did you talk to your Doc about this? What did they say? Did it make them nervous?

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You’re right that Omnipod Loop requires an iOS device. If it’s the expense of an iPhone that’s influencing you, you might consider buying an older iPhone or iPod Touch device. Here’s the compatible iPhone device list.

Here’s a document that lists frequently asked questions about the DIY Omnipod Loop.

I’ve been using Loop for 2.5 years now. It is so helpful, it has improved the quality of my life immeasurably. Knowing what I know now about it’s performance I would not hesitate at all investing a fair amount of money to reap its many benefits. What value can you place on a system that will confidently take you safely through the night?

In any case, if you decide to wait, many options are emerging that will become commercially available.


I’m an OmniPod, Dexcom G6, xDrip+, AndroidAPS (open) user as well. However, I really wanted to use Loop w/ OmniPod once it was made public, so I am borrowing an iPhone and bought the RileyLink. It’s only about a week since I started, but I am very optimistic with results so far. I’ve not been able to achieve such stability ever on my own.

If you really want to use Android, there is a python version available but, AFAIK, all functionality of the OmniPod PDM is not supported. I have not used it but here is the link:

Also, check out the chat for Loop and OmniPod:

I still use my Android as my main phone, and still use xDrip+ and AndroidAPS on it mainly for the UI and additional data views they provide over that provided by Loop. I maintain just a data service for the iPhone, no voice service. I only need the data service so that I can integrate the data with Nightscout, Apple Health and Tidepool. If you are not interested in those features, you may not need the data connection.