Tell me in 4 words what you think of diabetes

Hello my diabetic friends,

I just wanna know what your feelings are when you hear the word 'diabetes’
or when you were just diagnosed

I know there are so many feelings…

Thank you !
Take care my strong friends.

Frustrating,hard, painful, emotional

Nonstop, changing, challenging, hope.

Challenging, rollercoaster, enlightening, educating

It stinks a lot.

Temperamental, bratty, little sibling!

Seriously. The minute you don’t play by it’s rules, they have a hissy-fit and your bg’s go wonky, you feel crappy.

Even if you play by the rules, things happen -bad site, flu, miscalculation of a meal and it comes back to yell in your face.

But it is, in a way, like trying to please ‘someone’ else constantly.

other problems kept in tow ( 5 words …forgive )

Here’s some:

it could be worse
glucose tabs taste great
something to talk about
something to complain about
don’t punch my site!


The four words change depending on how I’m feeling on any particular day. Usually I’m a jokester, and after having it for 21 years, I’ve learned to treat it and laugh about it.

Four words: Pain in the _ _ _

Only just the begining

sugarless, frustrating, sneaky, hopeful

madness, exhausting, cruel, depressing

enlightening, challenging, changing, defining

my never ending whitenoise

unique lifestyle, ever changing

My life changed forever…

Darn , no more liquors

Overwhelming, constricting, relentless, fight

frustrating, responsibility, up & down

My fingers are bleeding.