Temporary Insurance for Type 1 on Pump

Hey everyone, there is a chance that I will be changing jobs. My new job contract doesn't start until August, but they are going to pay me my equivalent salary for the months of June and July so I can get started. More importantly I will be getting on my wife's insurance at our new home (she's a teacher). Her insurance will not start until September. This leaves me with 3 months that I will need to bridge this gap.

I am on the Omnipod and have the Dexcom G4. I am assuming that any temporary insurance will definitely not cover these. I should have enough supplies to last me at least half of the three months regardless, but I am prepared to not use them and just use shots and test strips. Has anyone had good experience or have heard of good experiences with any time of health insurance that I will need? I am very healthy and will not need to see any specialist or get any other medication except for the diabetic supplies (knock on wood.) Any help would be very much appreciated. Also, not sure if it matters but the new job would be in Louisiana.

Here is some info on Cobra: http://www.dol.gov/ebsa/faqs/faq-consumer-cobra.html

Q4: Are there alternatives for health coverage other than COBRA? may be of most help to your question.