Terrible Customer Service from Dexcom Sales

Pretty close to what I experienced! After being told they needed to update insurance, they dropped my order until I got on them-3 weeks later I got my sensors.

Yelp reviews - going downhill with some recent review dates

Yelp is one website I’ve learned not to rely on. I didn’t even read the reviews.

My experience with Dexcom is quite poor also. And I am again without any sensors or transmitter. The orders are always stuck in “processing mode” when they do get around to booking it. My last 30 day order was shipped Dec. 31 and have been without supplies for 26 days so far with no end in sight. Anyone thinking of investing in this product should seriously review other options…

@Surely Do you have Medicare?


OK. My wife and I both use Medicare to get our G5 supplies. Been doing that for 18 months. Very little problem for either of us. Sometimes they are out of stock for a couple of days. Not a big deal as we get 5 sensors per month. I’m at a loss to understand why we don’t have issues but others do. it’s not like I’m someone important or lovable. I’m just another customer.

Luck? Might be that some of their staff are more reliable than others, and those are the folks handling your accounts. In theory every customer has a primary sales person in charge of their account (and I think they are assigned based on geography of the customer)—maybe a few actually do a good job and/or aren’t overburdened in a way that prevents them from being able to.

But that doesn’t make sense when you figure I’ve called in to the ordering department and whomever answers the phone takes care of any issue that I’ve ever had for either myself or my wife’s supplies. Sometimes the email doesn’t arrive on time, from which we place our orders, so I just call in. It’s not like I get a particular person on the line to help me.

Right, but I think once the sales person deals with it on the phone, it then gets forwarded to your account person to follow through on (or not). The person you talk to on the phone isn’t the one who does all the work dealing with insurance issues and doctor communication and subsequent communication back to the customer. They just deal with that one phone call and pass the buck. It’s why while I appreciate the fact that the folks on the phone are always nice and helpful-seeming, I also have stopped finding that at all comforting, because I know that if they can’t 100% resolve my problem right then and there, it’s going to fall through the cracks once they hang up the phone, no matter how much I explain my concerns about that happening.

Maybe there is a black hole in the sales department that is trashing some of the orders. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think that is how Dexcom operates. They have far too many customers to have people matched up. It would just not be practical.

I have no doubt that when we call Customer Service, the call simply gets routed to the next available person using a very typical and traditional call center approach.

What I’m describing is based on both what the managers have told me when I’ve escalated my complaints and what has been described to me when I’ve gone over what’s gone wrong with my orders in detail as I’m sorting out the mess. It’s also a change they apparently implemented at some point that they thought would make things more effective…

In which case, I believe that is what you were told but I do not believe what the managers are saying at all. Even a little bit.

Well, believe what you want. I know for sure that the person who fields the call is typically not the person who then handles the order and the insurance follow-through. They pass that to someone else, creating one of apparently several points at which things fall through cracks.

Thank you.

OK, you two, I’m going to ask you two to step to your respective corners! :slight_smile:

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Here is what I’ve found when dealing with ordering over the phone: A random person in the ordering department answers the phone, takes “ownership” of the order, BUT the order always has to flow thru the folks that check 1) insurance is current 2) Rx is valid, 3) chart notes are available based on the 6-month requirement. It’s called QC, IIRC. Then the order goes to the shipping department.

In my US based manufacturing company, we have 6.2 million customers worldwide and our internal call center historically matched the same agent with a repeat customer when able. If previous customer calls while that last agent is on calls and available or available within a reasonable amount of time, the call is routed to that agents queue. Otherwise call goes to next available agent. We recently upgraded to a newer software version and I am told this feature is currently not available or not working. Hope we get feature back soon as it is good for both customer and company. So this is a feature available in some Customer Service/Sales applications.

Calling early in the morning gets me thru to a live agent in a couple of moments, to a few minutes. Calling later in the day, it’s a crapshoot for wait times, in my experience. the chances that there is a personal connection between myself and the agent, is preposterous. They can’t possibly NOT be on the phone helping others. I doubt they are waiting around for a few months for me to call them. Generally all I do to get my order is fill out the form that is linked to, in an automated email that arrives around 2AM every month (except for a couple of months when the email was delayed or missing).