Terrible Customer Service from Dexcom Sales


Why not call and ask :rofl:


oh wait, I think I get it. I’m presuming you are being pedantic?


Call Dex and ask how they handle calls and how they get routed and such.
Meant to be a joke -

I bet body parts if 3 different folks call they will get 3 different answers


Yep–everyone has different experiences with the same company, just like they experience people differently.


Sometime in the last year I escalated one of these order mishaps as high as I possibly could (it was like 3 or 4 levels past the phone person) with a complaint, for a call back to talk with someone (I don’t remember his name) who runs the sales force at Dexcom to register my complaint. That guy is the one who told me that due to the many problems and customer complaints, they have been in the process of switching to a system where everyone was matched with a specific geographically-based agent and that in the future, contacting that person directly would be the most efficient way to reorder. However, that has not seemed to have helped anything, based on my experiences and the report of others here and on FUD. It doesn’t help that your agent’s number isn’t available on your account online to call directly. When I called the call center and asked about the contact info for my dedicated agent, they did confirm I have one and gave me his contact info; however, the first time I called they gave me the info for one agent, and when that inevitably stalled and I called back to the main line, they told me the first person I called was not in fact the correct dedicated agent, and gave me a different person’s info… So I think that system is in place but poorly implemented and thus is not emphasized perhaps.


It doesn’t really make sense, IMO. People go on vacation, call in sick. It isn’t going to work for a company to expect that one person is your contact point.

Imagine: “Sorry, Mr. Jones. We can’t process your order for another 3 months because your rep is on maternity leave. Have a nice day!”


Every Dexcom customer has a designated order specialist assigned to them. I know this as fact because a few days after I received my last order I got a call from a San Diego area code. I didn’t answer the call but the woman left a very detailed voicemail about who she is and why she’s calling. I called her back and she explained what she does and I asked her, if she was my personal order person, why she wasn’t aware of my ordeal in January and why didn’t she get involved? She explained in a very vague answer that my name just happened to cross her desk. Apparently, Dexcom assigns and reassigns these people to you without letting the patient know. It goes by which region you live in. I’m in Los Angeles, my person is located in Mexico City. Supposedly, I have had four different people assigned to me over the last few years and was never told about it and was never given a name or contact information. It is their sole job to contact you and place orders and make sure everything is ok. Again, I questioned why she didn’t get involved in the debacle I went through the entire month of January, her answer was the equivalent of crickets chirping in the background. She assured me she would be handling all my orders from now on, and everything would be fine, then Dexcom announces the move to the Philippines. I called her yesterday and her line is disconnected. Their customer support can’t possibly get any worse than what we have now.


I have never called a particular employee at Dexcom to get my monthly orders. I call the main number, then wait for the prompt for sales. The only time I ever dealt with a particular person was when I first became a customer and was going thru the Medicare thing when Dexcom had first been approved by Medicare. Those were crazy times. During that time, I had a sales rep assigned to me. BUT NOT FOR ROUTINE ordering, once established as a Medicare patient.
Some of the comments here from those having issues are perhaps calling for an individual instead of the main sales department number?


You can call the main line and deal with whoever. Pretty sure they then typically pass the info to your designated order specialist to process, you just may never know about it if it all goes smoothly.


Nope, every single time I’ve started with the main call line. It’s only in tracking down wtf is happening with my order and why I haven’t heard anything etc that I get an individual’s number and start communicating directly with them.


I don’t care if they pass it to the man in the moon. Neither my wife or I have had an issue in 18 months.


So what are u told is the source of your ordering problem? For us, the only delays have been due to lack of stock. Those delays haven’t lasted more than 5 days at most and we have never run low on supplies (G5). I’d be the first to complain if they kept messing up my orders.


My order specialist gave me her direct number. She has a San Diego area code but she’s in Mexico City. The order specialist is the one who is supposed to finalize the order whether you’ve called or done it online. I’ve never called Dexcom to place an order that wasn’t screwed up. I get a reorder email every 90 days.


Are you saying that EVERY order has been screwed up? How many?


I’ve described it numerous times already in this thread, such as in my initial post. Maybe if your insurance is super simple and needs no verification or whatnot, it’s not an issue, but every time I’ve needed to reorder a transmitter, they haven’t informed me for weeks that it’s held up because they actually need something from my insurance or doctor, but it turns out haven’t contacted either, and haven’t let me know about the issue at all, so I haven’t been able to get on it myself. They also wait until you are in the extremely narrow artificial reorder time on your transmitter to start the process, and then handle it extremely inefficiently, which while is partly due to insurance requirements, I also blame on Dexcom, given that the transmitter shut-off is their own doing, and if they are going to create a product with such a tight reorder timeframe, they need the sales staff to match.

Every single transmitter order for the past couple of years has been either barely in time or late and I went days without my Dexcom because of these types of issues. They have also wasted many hours of my time and created a ton of unneeded stress.


Mine is Medicare and UHC. Not sure that qualifies as “simple”, but it sure as heck is common.


I’ve used the two largest private insurance companies in my geographic area, and have had these issues across both insurance situations.


We get a message right on the order form, once we hit SUBMIT, if they need anything such as chart notes or insurance verification (like every January)


The online portal doesn’t allow me to place an order if I need anything insurance-wise and doesn’t tell me what the issue is at all.


If we talk about wasted time and stress, let me mention the issues I had with Enlites for about a year. Actually, I’ll skip the sordid tale.