Terrible Customer Service from Dexcom Sales

The online portal does NOT work for Medicare patients, btw–we have to wait until an automated email comes to us with a link in it, for us to verify quantities-on-hand, and a few other simple items.

Don’t get me wrong—I love Dexcom’s product (minus their artificial stops on the transmitters and some of the annoying decisions around the app). It’s just a ridiculous amount of time/stress to go through for some of us to get it.

I get it, I’m sorry you have this trouble, but be aware that experience isn’t happening to every one of their customers.

Out of the 4 orders I place a year, at least 2 get screwed up. The problems start with not getting the reorder email. Each time Dexcom gives another lame excuse as to why the email didn’t get sent. The order usually goes out the next day after speaking with them. The hold times and terrible attitudes of the CS reps have gotten worse and worse as time goes by. This isn’t rocket science, you get an order and you ship it out as quickly as possible.

I’m sure it isn’t! Never said I thought it was. Just that apparently it’s happening to enough of them for it to be a significant problem, which is what I was wondering about when I made the post.

It’s happening to a lot of people. Reddit is full of Dexcom horror stories over the last year

I’ve NEVER spoken to anyone at Dexcom who exhibited a bad attitude. I’ve had either 1 or 2 missing automated emails, so i called in and the order was placed (pending verification in the QC area) WHILE I’M ON THE PHONE with the rep. Can’t ask for much more than that.

yes, I know some are having issues. Also, the internet is a great place for those unhappy with something, to vent. No one with a good story will bother. Dexcom doesn’t pay me to not complain here–I’m simply voicing MY experience with them over the course of 18 months.

For those complaining about wasting time, consider the time you spend HERE, complaining and WE HAVE NO WAY TO HELP YOU. LOL!

Most of the reps I’ve talked to have been nice enough and seem sympathetic. I just don’t really care about that at this point, when my orders still get screwed up despite that.

@Dave44, I’m glad it works well for you, as well as some others! I wish it did for everyone.

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I am going to give the Pharmacy route a try.
For the Dexcom G6

One way to find out.

Commercial Insurance.

EDIT: Just asked our Endo to send a new script in to the Pharmacy. Already checked PBM and pharmacy and both show G6 available and covered. Won’t know for sure until the script gets there and the pharmacy actually puts the order through.

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That doesn’t make the bad situations any less prevalent. There is a serious trend happening over the last year with Dexcom and ordering/CS problems.


I’m about to stop commenting on this thread for that reason, but at least for me, it’s really different talking about something on a forum thread vs being on a phone on hold and having to constantly escalate conversations, stressed out because I might not have my Dexcom for up to a week because of incompetence… kind of different situations. Anyway, it’s been validating for me to find out these issues go way beyond my own experiences, so that’s helpful. Later, folks!

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They have had unprecedented growth thanks to the Medicare coverage of the G5 and now the G6.

Well…it is cathartic to give voice to one’s complaints. :slight_smile: I hope I don’t have any horror stories of bad service in the future.

Filed under “misery loves company”. :slight_smile:

That’s no excuse. This has nothing to do with supply and demand. It’s has everything to do with how they handle situations they created and do nothing to resolve. I wish it would go back to how it was. Get email, verify the order is setup correctly, get order a few days later. It’s maddening how stupid things get sometimes

I wasn’t making excuses for Dexcom. I don’t think they were making an excuse. They got caught somewhat flat-footed and it is what it is. They are obviously overwhelmed on some level, yet managed to make headlines https://finance.yahoo.com/news/dexcoms-dxcm-q4-earnings-beat-132501253.html

Nobody I have spoken to has any explanation other than “the warehouse has an issue”. Could that mean they are out of supplies? Got absolutely nowhere talking to my “reorder specialist” or her supervisor as my order is currently (still) being processed. Called the customer service this morning, but gave up after 35 minutes…

Think I will make a call to Medicare tomorrow morning and see if they can make anything happen.

CALL EARLY IN THE MORNING when the lines first open, if you don’t want to wait on hold.

I have never had a rep say vague things like there are warehouse issues. When they are out of stock, they tell me right up front. That has happened 2 or 3 times, but that doesn’t delay my order by more than 2 to 5 days.

Medicare isn’t helpful. LOL! Every call I have made to them for any information that they SHOULD know, they have turned out to be the least caring, least informed personnel of any entity I’ve called (other than HP).

My wife doesn’t like calling anywhere for tech support or ordering issues, so I generally am the one in the family to make all the calls for such things. I’m used to it and know how to get it done. I think having been in business for myself, I just have a knack for asking the right questions, getting to the heart of the matter, and getting clear responses from the other party.

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