Test strip containers are dangerous

I went to the nurses office at school to test and inject before breakfast. I removed a test strip from the container and wrapped my hand around the container and snapped it shut. The skin on the side of my finger got caught in the container when it closed. It was hurting so much I was trying to get it open and it just hurt more. Teruo held my arm and opened the container to release my finger. Now I have a big blood blister on my finger. I laugh about it now, being bitten by a test strip container, but at the time it really hurt. Be careful with those containers, they bite.

Insulin pen caps can bite too!

Been there. Did that. Ouch! Hope your finger feels better soon!

This is true and I'm sorry it made me laugh a little bit and am real sorry you got a blister. I will admit that I love the snap top containers and I re-use them for beads and jewelry findings, tiny craft doo dads, nails and screws, used strips and sharps when I travel.

We snap my daughter's empties together to make a chain. When it's long enough, we'll use it as a swag on one wall of her bedroom. Lots of used diabetes supplies turn into art supplies in our house!