Test Strip Recall

super annoying and omnipod should be ashamed. after all of these years of shoddy work w/r/to this issue and now all this confusion?

Hahahaha what a response! Thanks for the info. Maybe I can convince them to send me a new meter.

I called and I was also promised 400 replacement strips - but at the end of the conversation - the rep asked me if it would be alright if they 'went to bat' for me with my doctor, pharmacist, and my script. She told me that I would need to give her more information, if I said yes - so I said no - (she had computer problems - put me on hold approx. 4 times and had to call me back, so that was probably why I was apprehensive and questioned it) and she told me that if I changed my mind, I could call them back and give them the information.
What did everyone else say? Are we going to need a new script for a different strip now - and is that why she asked that question?

She asked for your doctor, pharmacy etc because they want you to buy directly from Abbott instead of going through a middle man - like mail order. They also want your information to sign you up for the Freestyle Promise Program. You do not need a different script. and you do not need to give them that information to get your 400 replacement strips. They're not "going to bat" for you, they're just trying to make sure they don't lose too much money in this whole fiasco.

yeah, I gave them my pharmacy’s info but not my doc or my own. I asked if they were going to add me to a mailing list and got a really vague answer so I opted out

Thanks! I didn't want to be the 'lone wolf' that said 'no' and I am glad that my script won't need to be changed. :-) I am already a member of the Freestyle Promise Program and it has paid towards my co-pay for a few months - so I bet they had that information.

So this is all incorrect. Clare is correct - the strips are the same, just non-affected lot numbers. ?? No one seems to know what the actual difference is. And they only want your insurance info to "help you order in the future." I just called and clarified with someone else. Ugh.

Is this some unethical scheme set up by Abbott to get our info to bypass our present pharmacies as Clare seems to think?

Thanks for the post. The call was quick and painless and now I have 400 strips on the way!

This is very strange. Was anyone using the actually omnipod notified directly? I've called all pharmacies in my local area, not one has received any test strip recall information and they would be the first to be notified and supplied with lot numbers, all of them. Also, if you call that 1/800 number, they don't verify anything - lot numbers, when strips were purchased, how purchased, how many, etc...I mean, how would they even know I actually purchased anything, they're just 'sending out' test strips...?? At the end of the call, they want your insurance info, doctor info so they can continue to be the provider, shipper and biller to your insurance company in the future. I feel like this is a scam. I mean, read some of these comments...CS Reps telling people to go ahead and use the strips anyway, or purchase a 'new' meter. Makes no sense. The first to be notified of a recall is the pharmacy.

YES...that's what I think this is!

I was kind of worried that I never personally received any notification. I just happened to check here today and saw this post. I haven't called yet. But I think my first call will be to my pharmacy. Seems strange that there aren't any specific lot numbers. I can't believe that every single Freestyle test strip ever made is problematic for only the Omnipod.

The recall is real, my supply place got it yesterday. Here is a link to what was posted a bit earlier today and it makes a lot of sense. I knew the PDM was reading low, because I tested it against the lab twice in the last 3 months. You cannot base the accuracy off of your Dex readings,if you are using the PDM to calibrate the Dex.


I called this morning and they're shipping out the 400 replacement strips by Fedex. They did ask for my doctor & insurance info to try and get me to get my future strips directly from them, but I opted out. I told them I'd rather just continue getting my supplies from my pharmacy.

Did they actually say that they wanted you to get future strips from them? Everyone that has called seems to have gotten a different story. Could be because they pulled these people off the streets with no training to take these calls.

They told me they just wanted to help me "eliminate a step," and when I asked what step I was eliminating they told me - going to my pharmacy. So basically yes. They wanted to make it so I was getting them from them.

That's exactly what she said. When I asked if I could just continue to get them from my pharmacy, she said I could but if I 'changed my mind' I could call them back with the additional info.

I definitely don't think this was regular staff. At one point she offered to 'read' me the warnings about continuing to use the strips I had. I told her I had already read that information in the press release.

Well, I guess only time will tell, because I did give them the info, but they will not get my permission to send test strips because I am done with Abbott for good. The reason that I really didn't want her to go off of the Omnipod pump was the built in meter, but once I knew it was reading low I didn't really want her to use it anyway. I really won't trust that these strips that they are sending are any better.

I got a letter this morning(via FedEx)from Omnipod telling me about the recall, tried calling the 1800 for Abbott and got the fast busy signal, looks like they are going to be jammed up for a while!

Funny - i just finished reading this and the Fedex guy came to the door - with my shipment of strips and my letter announcing the recall. :) Thank goodness for the DOC!!