Checking Drinks With BG Meter!

Have you ever went to the drive thru & tasted the drink & said is this diet , taste like it but your just not sure ?
Well today that happen to us ,so mom pulled out the meter stuck the test strip in it & it showed 70 , so I went in poured it out & got a diet for sure tested again & it was flashing LO.
Just thought we would tell you ,yall guys may already know this , but I thought it was very neat .

Yeah, I learned that about a year ago…pretty cool. I now check with my meter if I am not sure. So many times they say it is diet and it isnt. You have one smart Mom!

What a great idea!

Good idea!!! I didnt know you could do this. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hmmm…I didnt know that either. Thanks Tyler. Another learning for the day. This mix up happened to more than once. And I find it difficult sometimes to discern the difference (specially coke). I got paranoid and often order drinks in can.

Good test, but check with the pharmacist, I think there are reagent test strips, dip sticks, for glucose that are a lot less than $1.00 a test

In answer to Dave in MD, yes you can dip Diastix in soda as well. They'll either turn brown or nothing at all. I carry them and use them when I doubt the taste of soda. It has saved me many times.