Using your BG test strips to test whether your drink is 'Diet' or not

If any of you ever heard of using your BG test strips to test whether your drink is “Diet” or not. I just tried this and it actually worked so whoever gave that suggestion I thank you it made my life a little less stressful.

How do you do this? Just like you would take your own blood sugar?

I tried this too. And yes, it worked. I read it somewhere here too in a blog post. I almost always get my beverages in cans, so I can be assured that its sugar-free. However, it is not very practical for me since teste strips here are very expensive and not covered by my insurance =(

Are you using the diastix to test? If so does anyone know a chain store in the states that carries them? I have wanted to have some in my purse for this reason but can not find them in any of the stores - just the ketone strips.

I just used a regular old blood test strip and I did it basically how you would do a blood test. the fact that I was unsure whether I had a regular drink or not is a rarity for me. usually I can tell right off the bat, but every so often I get nervous.


The more diet drinks I have, the less I can tell the difference between diet and the regular stuff. (I never thought this could happen in a million years, but it did.) I will be using this tip!

I read your post and had to reply with my story. I had heard that too and needed to check the drink I had just got a a drive through. While driving (dumb, i know) I tried testing my drink. Well, I dropped the whole meter in my pop. Never did find out if that test works or if my pop was diet or not.

oh dear. I waited til I got home. It read lo on mine.

YES! That is so funny. Yep, no doing it while driving! That has been a couple weeks now. Have you tried it by now? What kind of a reading does it show?

This is great, especially for times when I am by myself and not sure if it is diet or not. I decided I would get an inexpensive sidekick and keep it with me in my purse to use for this.

Hmm this is a great idea. I have to get my husband to check my soda sometimes because I can not tell the difference. There has been a couple times at Sonics I would ask for a diet drink and thinking it was I drank it and about 20 minutes later I felt my muscles in my neck feeling weird and could not hardly form a sentence and my husband told me to check my sugar and it was 498. I ate a salad and it was summer so I had a route 44 diet drink. Holy cow I felt like crap. My husband was so mad.

I have done this for a few years! Great huh?!

So what reading do you get for a diet drink vs. a regular drink?

I haven’t tried it on a regular one but the diet just says LO. I would imagine with as much sugar as a regular soda has in it it would read HI. I’ll try that the next time my daughters are out with me. I will also ty it sometime on some of the iced teas at restaurants.