Text message reminders

Hi all~ I'm an RN CDE and am hoping to get some feedback on simple free texting services to send text reminders to help remember to check sugars. I'm looking for feedback on free services. There are like a bazillion and instead of just picking out of a hat I'd love recommendations. This is mainly going to be for those who need that little extra reminder to help create a new habit of tesing where the main problems is just not remembering to do it~ Thanks all!~

PS. I'm not looking for apps for smartphones, just text messaging services.

I do not mean to be difficult. This is a T1 board with a lot of well controlled folks (I just hit 50 years.) As as RN CDE you should know it is not a blood "sugar" but is a blood glucose. We do not have "sugar" in our veins. It sounds like we survive on Hostess Twinkies! I really hate that terminology and expect better from those trying to help us.

And for the text messages...Most of us in really good control test 8-10 times per day. My pump has an alarm for that but it is such second nature... No text reminders ever needed. It is second nature to test.

why would you think being honest is being difficult? I didn't take your reply as 'being difficult' just honest. I wasn't trying to give help, just looking for some.....it's actually for those who testing isn't second nature that I"m trying to help and figure out how to change that. Maybe it's a generation thing about the sugar/glucose. It seems that in the younger generations 'glucose' sounds more clinical and they want to feel less clinical and more 'real' hense we use the terms that work, and sugar works. No disrespect or ignorance intended.

I honestly can't imagine needing a reminder to check my blood sugar. I'm way more likely to forget to keep my cell phone nearby.

I think if you are starting on this journey, there may be some utility to a tool like text messaging that can help make the necessary life changes routine. But after about three months, this stuff becomes habitual. And our lives are not conducive to timed reminders. I already have an alarm to wake me in the morning, I don't need another. And my days (like most) are not filled with a fixed schedule. I eat when I choose. I exercise when I choose. To have a text message on some fixed timetable is of no use.

I will tell you what would be of use. An alarm feature that reminds me that 2 hours have passed since my meal bolus and that I need to test my postprandials. I don't understand why this is not a standard feature in pumps. But it is hard to see how a text service make possible without having specific knowledge about when I bolused or corrected.

Perhaps a newly diagnosed T1 would like some alarms with reminders. But after about three months, you really should have made all this stuff a habit. And at that point, if you just get a whole ream of messages, all of which are ill-timed and irritating, that isn't going to help.

They do have a feature on the MM pump. You can set reminders for as little as 30 minutes after a bolus.

That is cool. I've read all the manuals and never saw that feature. Where is it located?

You can use Google Calenders. It's free and will send messages via Text and e-mail.

Hey, that’s a great idea, thanks!

I think that it's on "BG Reminder" on the bolus wizard "setup" menu on my 722, although I am not finding where you adjust the time? I think it just "bleeps" 2 hours post bolus.

LOL, me too!

I've been diabetic for ten years. I use all of these terms interchangeably:

-- BG ("beegee")
-- blood sugar
-- blood glucose
-- sugar (As in, "...my sugar is crashing...")
-- glucose (As in, "...my glucose is through the roof...")
-- sweet (As in, "...I'm too darn sweet for words this morning...")

I guess some of us like playing with words in a relaxed way, and some of us prefer the dignity and formality of using the correct medical term.

I only cringe when people turn a bit raunchy and refer to it as B.S.

To each their own, eh?

It is one of the questions your asked on the bolus entry screen...if you
have the reminder option turned on.


Page 50 in the manual

You don't need an iPhone app to send a regular message -- you can just set it up within the Calendar feature. When I first switched to two shots per day of my basal insulin, the morning shot was already a habit, but I set up a recurring appointment each evening at 7 pm to remind me to do the second shot.

I also set one to remind me to check my snail mail because I hate to go up the stairs to the mailbox and was going days without checking. Not good when you have six boxes of insulin pen needles sitting under your mailbox for a week. Heh.

I have the 523. You go into the bolus menu then into bolus setup then to BG reminder. It has off or on. If its on then you can program between 30 min and 5 hours to do a glucose check.

I think the magic word is “should”. Of course it’s really hard to have good control without testing, but there are Lots of folks who have T1, but still have struggles actually testing. I know it doesn’t make sense, but true.

Did you find towards the bottom of the bolus menu to turn on the reminder function? Then everett me you bolus a 2:00 comes up (that’s the 2 her default) you can change it by 1/2 hr increments depending on when you want to be reminded to “check BG”, which is how the reminder shows up

Hi Kara,

I personally don't need any text message to remind me to check my bg. But I do know there are folks who DO need reminding, and lots of folks who don't have a pump to set a reminder. So if you are still looking for messages verbage how about:

Please check your BG.
Have you checked your BG?
What is your BG?

LOL they sound simple because they are. Good luck with your free text services.

Awesome. That is a cool feature.

LOL, I knew it was somewhere, one of those screens I blow by? Not, of course, that I'd take any of the critical information displayed by my pump lightly or anything like that...