Pda/ windows mobile apps?

Hi all,

I did a search for pda and then for windows mobile apps, but came up blank.

Is there anyone out there using an app (for windows mobile, preferably, since that’s what I have) to keep track of insulin, carbs, etc? As I’m now off the pump and on MDI I’m missing my electronic brain to keep track of all this…

I downloaded diabetes pilot and let’s just say I’m way less than impressed.

If you use a website to track everything, which one do you use? I’m looking for one that’s mobile phone browser friendly…

visit the group geeks with diabetes, I already addressed this in one of my threads there, I’m on my cell right now so I can’t quite get the link to come out right, but its there. If no one has answered by the time I get home, I will see if I can link it for you.