Thank All Of You!

Hey Everybody I told a few ppl I would put up a blog when we got back home. He did good. After all the worry this test they ran before they put in stints today found no blockage. Wrong results at the Dr’s office I guess. Anyway he had to lay flat on his back for 4 hours (not the best thing to do with a man who has severe back problems what with those disc buldging, etc. He was in soooo much pain and the nurses couldn’t find the Dr who done the surgery. One of his partners called it in for him. Long story but they finally got him something for his severe pain about an hour and a half later. He was ready to walk out but… All in all a good day. Not for him as much but he did get to come home. Good for me away! LOL! Now just another day to get through the drama on that one is over now on to the next one! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!

glad you’re home, we love you Doris! you’ve had a lot to deal with lately. hope we’ve given you a little comfort. glad there was no blockage!

So glad it turned into a good day for you and your husband.

Hurray for no blockage. Boo hiss for being on a hurting back for 4 hours. Glad this is behind you both now.

Hugs, sweetie. Get some rest.

Thanks all of you!!! Yes the stress of that one is finally OVER!!!

@ Danny it’s his Lumbar region. Glad you like my new profile pic! As I told some other’s the daughter in the pic uploaded it from another computer the other night. I got a surprise when I came on the next day and saw it! She was suppost to upload more pic’s of the g-kids. I think I’ll keep it though such positive feed back about it!! I RUN from the camera! LOL! She took that one with her cell phone and told me it was just for her! LOL!

Are you talking your about your hubby? What is wrong with him?

Oh nothing really now but he had a test done at the Drs office that said he needed stints put in his heart before his 4th heart attack. (He’s only had 3) We went to the hospital at % AM to have them put in and before they done it the Dr said they needed to run one more test before they done it! THANK GOD it came back OK and they didn’t have to put them in. He also has a really bad back and when they ran the heart cat they cut the ardery in his leg with the discs and all the other trouble he has his back got to hurting him REAL BAD. The Dr wasn’t to be found and he had 1 1/2 hours of pain before the nurse at the hospital called a partner to get him his meds. Life what can you say? I kinda had so many things on the plate I forgot to sleep so the next day after we got home those 17 hours of sleep really helped me get a better grip here! That and all the folks here!

Well I am glad that everything worked out ok,. I sure the stress of the situation was bad for both of you. Hang in there. I am here for you.

Sorry I was gone in the middle of this. I am glad things worked out, amiga. Just got your message, but thought I’d leave you a message here too.