Thank u all u grate people

thank u all so much for the feed back it really helps and dont take all of what i said to leteral i was angery and lashing out at the close thing at the time i would like to say im sorry for the cussin i was not thinking ur right there are kids out there and i they dont need to see that kind of evil in any person i dont think it was just the "D" it was a number of things that came crashing down at once u know u can only "pack a camle so befor it lies in the sand"


Z Money we all have days when we need to vent. We are all human and can only take on so much before we explode. Remember you are among friends here who understand, we support and encourage each other. I know it helps me get through the day sometimes.

i drank a m.dew in your honor

Glad you’re here among friends. Diabetes is a heavy burden to carry alone. We all know the frustration & how overwhelming it is.

Hope you’re feeling a bit better.

Oh I knew your not an evil person and everything does get a lot to handle from time to time so well done you it takes a lot of courage and strength to come out and say sorry on top of that to explain yourself.
We are for you if you need a rant or just to explode let it out.
I am happy that your getting there Z Money.

Z Money- my mum says “Chin up, Buttercup!” so I’m sharing that with you. :slight_smile:

yes your definitely not alone, i don’t know how can be okay one day and not okay the next with having diabetes. I guess i really don’t think diabetes defines me, but if i don’t handle it then yes it will own me. As always some days are better then others.

We are adults… we take these things in stride. We know the monster we are dealing with, and we never push away one of our own… We know it’s rough, and life adds extra burden to our lives. I’m just glad you are here, and glad that you vented and shared. HUGS

Good to hear from you, Z Money. We wuz worried 'bout you. As the others have said, know that we are all here to support one another and if you need to yell and scream, do it here if you must. If you’re feeling bad at times, just ask that we help you do something to feel better. Now about that camel…is that one hump or two…? Take good care.

Soi glad you are feeling better Z Money…
We are here to isten and help you.It is ok to be sad and angry and scream about it… Diabetes and just life in general can be really tough Honey,you are not evil… You are a real man, and courageous to be able to say “I am sorry” We are all pulling for you. Let us know how you are doing.
God Bless you

Z Money that’s why were here to listen to all of it when it gets to be too much! Your welcome! I just hope that now you know we’re here for you! Venting sometimes helps clear our thinking at the time and here you have ppl that know what your going through and sometimes just one added thing is “the straw that breaks the camels back”!

I am glad you are doing better today, somedays you win some and some days you lose some but at least we are here to fight another day. If i had a dollar for every mean thing I said to people early on my diagnosis I would be rich today. Good to know you are doing better

take care of yourself

hey man, life happens. Im glad you felt comfortable to release that anger and frustration here rather than turn it inward and hurt yourself worse or take it out on your loved ones.

We’ve all been there, sometimes life has to get worse before it gets better, it just proves how strong of a person you are for dealing with the low and miserable times and overcoming those and turning everything around.

Take care

It takes a big person to admit one’s faults…especially on a board like this …read possibly by thousands …You did IT …you are truthful towards yourself …hang in .Be well .

Hey! Glad you are doing better today! This is gonna sound weird but ,for me, sometimes the only thing that makes me feel better on some days is to know that there is always someone else doing worse than me (not talking about you - just in the world in general :slight_smile: ) - just because than that means I don’t have it so bad after all. It is weird how the mind works that way - but if it makes you get through your days - what the hey.

Sometimes I get really mad at the “D”. I may not say it, but I’m cussing up a storm in my head!!

Glad to see you back. We all understand that it can make you feel like you’re having a meltdown some days. I think of the d as a monster that likes to pull the rug out from under you when you think you’re doing pretty well, and then hold you down and kick you and laugh at you. I’m glad we could help. any time.