Thank you for the welcome everyone. More info about me

I've been reading tudiabetes for a while and kept thinking "me too" and so here's why I feel that it's about time I joined:

Me too: the only one who is diabetic in my family--it was a real surprise at the age of 34-ish

Me too: Dexcom user--more happy with it than not. I credit it with my lower A1Cs this past year but also with the fact that I rarely get a solid uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep anymore. I got some really good tips from tudiabetes about the Dex--thank you!

Me too: Get irritated when people think that what applies to Type 2s applies to me.

Other stuff about me: Vegetarian (who is finding it really difficult to eat fewer carbs per meal--but I think it would be best);Canadian. Addicted to mystery novels.

Welcome Maddy and it's nice to meet you.