Hello to all! :)

Hello everyone!

I’ve had my account and lurked a bit for a couple of weeks and thought it was past due to introduce myself. I’ve already been warmly welcomed by a few members (what a friendly place!) and I can only hope that I get the same chance for others!

I don’t have diabetes but I work at DiabetesSelfManagement.com. Does that qualify me for Type 3? (I’d settle for 2.5…) If you’re ever around on the site, you might see my postings in the “What We’re Reading” blog or helping to update website tips and recipes of the week, along with various other duties.

In the time that I’ve worked at DSM and explored/lurked around here and other sites I’ve come to realize what an overwhelming and pervasive experience diabetes can be. And I completely agree that unless you’ve been thoroughly involved in diabetes in some way, you cannot understand the full extent of this condition. As such, I hope that along with resources from DSM, I can be of some help in addition to learning so much more from all of you! My first goal for now is to be an ambassador - not that you need anymore lay perspectives, but I hope that perhaps I can provide my point of view, and that of DSM.com when relevant info or articles arise. Furthermore, I hope that I can take what little I do know and share it with others, especially those who don’t have extensive knowledge about diabetes. Good health isn’t something that we should worry about only when we get sick. There are many universal messages and stories on these forums that I wish everyone would hear :slight_smile:

I sincerely admire the courage, humor, camaraderie, and perseverance that I’ve seen here. I’m so excited to be a part of this wonderful community (thanks Manny for letting me join!) and I hope that I’ll get to chat with you soon, and generally be a good forum citizen. I hope that you’ve all enjoyed a wonderful start to your winter holiday seasons!

All the best wishes!