Thank you frio and you're welcome world

My frio wallets finally arrived! This was very exciting for me, because I’m nerdy like that. Last week my mom was in the hospital for a few days and my sister and I had appts like crazy. So we spent all day going back and forth from the hospital and dental clinics. It was such a relief not to worry about what to do with my insulin. Plus it was one of the hottest days of the year so far and it was no trouble at all. fantastic!
In honor that wonderful experience, An open letter to Frio:
Thank you for living up to the hype as well as keeping me safe and worry free. I think you are fab and will continue to use your products. Just a little note, considering how hot it’s been this year I kind of wish that there was a frio body suit. Or even a frio two-piece…shirt and pants. I don’t know if that’s possible…or safe. But you can have that golden idea free of charge with no fear of future legal issues. In fact, I’m even willing to test the prototype. In my mind, the joints wouldn’t be covered because that would be ridiculously impractical! I’m positive you’ll work out all the kinks. thanks again! ish

honestly, I would wear one. I wouldn’t even care how ridiculous it looked. I’d be the only one not melting into the sidewalk with heatstroke. it’s genius really. Frio pants…the next big thing!
then again, i recognize that this is coming from the same person that has not-so-secretly coveted a bio-hazard suit for the last 5 years…yes, I’m weird…but a fun weird? right? come on!

I know, people are thinking: “where in the world would you wear a bio-hazard suit? What occasion calls for such a thing?” First of all…where wouldn’t I wear it!!! I’d definitely wear my bio-suit to visit the extended relatives because they are always cesspools of infections but lie about it…so it’d get good use at those times. I think it’d be pretty hilarious to wake up early, put on my bio-suit, and just watch tv until someone came in the room and found me. good times. Also I’d make my family go on a picnic with me, but I’d wear my bio-suit. hahaha the visual tickles me. The hilarious possibilities are endless.

where would you wear your bio-hazard suit?

I would wear my bio hazard suit to work! Truely always a cesspool of infections…people wouldn’t want to use their sick time for being sick now would they!