frÍo insulin cooling wallets

Has any one had any experance with the Frio insulin cooling wallets. I am think about geting one for next summer. I work out side in North Texas and we are due a summer with several days with 100+ weather. Link is attached below.

I use one when I spend time in hot climates - vacationing etc. It works like a charm! I love that I just use water to activate the crystals and don’t need to find a refrigerator when I’m on the road. I also use a Frio pouch for my insulin when I’m working at wilderness camps during the summer.

I love these packs!!! They have been a great use for me on many trips and I even use them on a hot summer day when I’m not traveling. I have had my pack for at least 2-3 years and used it regularly and it really is re-useable and reliable. (Be sure to follow the soaking instructions carefully.)

If you use the pack for a long time, then you can keep it active (cool) by getting it wet without re-soaking!!

I think that these packs will be perfect for your needs!

Have one–love it! Really does stay cool for a long time even in hot temps.

They are, indeed great - I took a couple of pouches with me when I went backpacking round Australia back in 98/99 and they kept my insulin cool even in the hot humid North of the country!

I use Frio to keep my two pens(lantus +apidra) cool in the summer and my life has been changed! Every summer I go to Drôme , a very hot and dry small country of south France, and the weather is very very hot, near 100°F and my frios are ok. My pens stay under 23 ° C. Of course I have a refrigerator to keep my others new pens. But if I go there for 15 days I only take two Apidra and two Lantus inside their Frio. I feel free with Frio! And it’s so easy to keep Frio active. Get one for next summer.

Great Question!!! I just bought the frio duo and I am taking it on my honeymoon in December to St Lucia. I love all the positive feedback. I purchased mine through diabetic express they had a sale going on!!!

Looks like it works via evaporation, similar to how sweating works… How does it function in high humidity areas? I ask, because we can get humid days with little wind during the summer here. Otherwise, looks great

Works equally well in high humidity–less evaporation:) The crystals retain water for a very long time.

Manuel has one; he thinks it is very convenient for traveling as well. :slight_smile:

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Hope this comes in handy.