Thank you my Tu friends

I want to thank everyone for their words of support. I want to thank you all individually, but right now I am an emotional mess. I never expected the passing of my Mother to happen so quickly after her return to Pennsylvania. We all knew that she was sick , but…watching someone you love die and planning a parents funeral sure does involve a lot of emotional turmoil. My Mother and I had a very difficult relationship some good some bad and always very challenging. I am glad that I was able to spend her last 15 hours by her side in the hospital. I only hope she knew that I was there. Her funeral is Monday. I am trying hard to keep my blood sugars stable, but they are going all over despite all my corrections and increasing of basal rates.

Please know that I appreciate all the support more than I can ever express right now. It gives me strength and I thank you all. I will be back online in a few days. Be well my friends.

So sorry Amy!!! Here’s Hugs to you!!!

She knew you were there. God bless you.

So sorry on the passing of your mother but I believe she knew you were there. It’s painful to lose a parent no matter how challenging the relationship.

Hugs Amy…

Amy, I am sorry to hear of your loss. I believe your Mother knew you were there by her side…Mothers always feel the presence of their children. She loved you my dear and will always remain with you, our loved ones stay in our hearts forever. Take care. xo Robyn

My thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow. You did a good job in the small time frame you had to work with. She knows you were there and I’m sure it made her very happy even if she could no longer tell you that. Be strong … God is with you too.


She knew, Amy… in the mysterious way that moms always know.

You are in our thoughts, Amy. You don’t need to thank us, because we are people who just give a damn. Know that. It is a terrible thing to have to go thru, but we all have too. And yes, she knew and you made it easier for her

Hi Amy: I am SO SO sorry. My thoughts are with you. Remember to do a yoga pose here and there. Namaste, Melitta

I am sorry to hear of your loss. I’m sure your mom knew you were there. god bless

I am praying for you and your family. I know you will make it through.