Three plus months lurking on this site and I would like to say THANKS

I just wanna thank everyone of this forum that shared their knowledge! If it wasn’t for your help I wouldn’t have got my A1c from 7.7 to 5.5 in two months. I seriously believe that the numbers they print out on the packets and tell you are complete BS.
180 after two hours? Really now?..

If you would like me to bore you with a little info about myself just let me know. LOL

Congrats on the great A1c way to go. I know where you are coming from on the numbers, the ones pushing those are borderline criminal.

yay. I am doing a happy dance for you. now I need to call my endo and get an appointment to check My A1c.

Thats Awesome!!! Congrats!!!

Congratulations! That took hard work & commitment. Doing this in two months is amazing. Hope you’ll share how you achieved this with everyone so they can learn from your experience.

Like to gather up all those brochures & burn them. They should put a skull & crossbones on the cover. Agree with Dave, it’s criminal.

Way to go! Keep it up! I went from a 9.7 to a 6.1 in my 1st 3 months after diagnosis… largely by ignoring the brochures, lurking in diabetes forums, and testing to see what effect things had on me (mad scientist methodology) :slight_smile:

I am SO glad to read this!! 5.5 is an amazing A1C. Keep it up, for you and for your loved ones, man!

Great work there. Keep it up. So happy for you.

Paul, not “mad scientist methodology” this is research that in my opinion each of us needs to do. Knowledge is indeed the power to defeat the enemy, diabetes.

I like that term, “lurk”…LOL. I think most did that before dipping or diving in. I “lurked” for sometime too before I even wrote anything.

Congrats on the great A1c. That is fabulous!

Thanks everyone for the great comments!

Dave - Thanks. More like they need to get their damn medical license revoked!

Melissa - Thanks. Let me know how you did o your a1c.

Ron - Thanks.

Judith - Thanks.

Gerri - Thanks. It took more will power than anything! Maybe I should start a new thread? I need to make a video of me taking all the dam “books” from the doctors office and burn them all!

Paul - Thanks. Same here I was poking myself so dam much in the beginning that the tips of my ring finger was covered with holes :\

Manny - Thanks bro. Family is the only REASON I took drastic action.

Teena - Thanks!

Varena - Thanks! I would of continued to “Lurk” but I thought I would try to help people that are in the same boat as me as much as possible. I know how it felt! Also keep me posted on your a1c.

Mike - Thanks.

Wow! Congratulations on your drop to 5.5! That’s awesome!