I am thankful for tudiabetes for the wisdom of those who started it to know we as diabetics need support outside our normal circle of family and friends, The information and knowledge shared on here is a God send to me especially during this time of transition I was diagnosed as a type two but was just tested to see if I am a type 1.5 test results next week but I know that with what ever the results might be I have a whole network of support and knowledge right here.

As I read other peoples blogs i am thankful for the support system of Dr's I have and have had. For the endocrinologist who told me I had to fight for the care I wanted that it was my health my body to listen to what my body was telling me for if not for her advise when was switched to a different health plan and the Dr wouldn't listen to me I wouldn't have known to keep fighting to get the care I needed as a diabetic. I'm a diabetic have been for over 12 years as my condition continues to develope then my knowledge about my condition needs to continue to develope so that I can take care of myself and treat my condition the best way I know how, Yes I call it a condition and I know it is a disease but there is so much stigma associated with disease that to me it is a condition on that I will have for the rest of my life and it is as much a part of who I am as being mother is, as being a daughter is, as being a christian is, as being a friend is it is who I am. Its not excuse its not a hinderance I can do anything I want I'm not limited by my condition but I do know I have to take precautions because this is my body my life my condition so I am the one who is in charge of living with my condition so that I might live a long healthy life living long enough to see my great-grandchildren as all the women in my family have done before me. I am thankful for the advancement in technology and that research is continuing to be done. For my 91 year old diabetic Grandmother Dr's told her she wouldn't live past 50, dementia is finally taking her away from us but diabetes hasn't. I am thankful for my boys it is because of them living with this condition is what i do everyday. Most of all I am thankful for God because without Him nothing would be possible.

Happy Turkey Day Everyone