As I sit and relax on Thanksgiving, all things considered, I find myself feeling pretty thankful. I’m thankful for my family. I have a beautiful loving wife and three beautiful teenage daughters. They have been very supportive and truly are my incentive to stay healthy. I’m also thankful for a great physician and support staff in his office/practice. He has equipped me with the medicines and the basic knowledge I required to start controlling my diabetes.

But I believe I’m most thankful for the resource and support I have received here at Tudiabetes. I’m still learning about diabetes. And you all have been a wealth of information for me thus far. While I don’t comment often I read just about everything I can each day and make either mental notes or actual notes in my workout/diabetes journal to make use of the valuable information you all pass along. I have visited other sites and blogs but must say I find this site to be the most useful. The links on the site have been invaluable tools evaluating where I stand and how to improve my standing. Most of all, I think its been the people. You guys. Your encouragement and support ; from your warm welcome when I arrived 2 months ago or so to your gems of knowledge and experience you share each day to the actual friendship and kinship that I feel when speaking with you all or doing events like World Diabetes Day.

I used to think managing this mess we call diabetes was going to be a daunting and overwhelming task…this time around I find it to be not so much of a task. I guess “this time around” might be a good place to do another blog entry sometime.

So, in closing, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I look forward to many more with all of you. And thank you all. You’ve been a huge help to me whether you knew it or not.

Thanks Danny. You are definitely one of those people I look to for info and support. One of a host of folks.