As a diabetic, you are thankful for

Im thankful for the technology we have now. what about you?

I am thankful for technology, TuDiabetes, great Physicians and my ENDO! Mostly thankful for a Husband who understands and tries to help me as much as he can

A great endocrinologist, tudiabetes, technology, insurance, a positive outlook, and mostly, my great family.

I agree with the others. Technology is an amazing thing. I’ve seen some of the syringes they used 20 years ago shudder I’m also thankful for my family, this community and that I live in a country where I have access to this technology and can afford to use it.

I’m thankful for:

  • my mom (who listens to me when I’m feeling down)
  • my endo
  • TuD (I have learnt SO much here, it’s made a huge difference)
  • my support group (that I started, and has already helped me so much!)

I am thankful for my Wife, who made me go to the doctor and has been the most wonderful person.
My Family and extended Family, and My Friends who have all been amazing.
My team of doctors and their staffs.
TuDiabetes and all the friends I have made and knowledge I have gained. (Special thanks to Manny and his Wife for giving us a place to share)
Technology for allowing me to manage things.
To all who write back to all the posts and share of themselves to help one another.
I guess I have lots to be thankful for :slight_smile:

Health insurance.

humm… you chose to participate in the discussion, :wink:
Maybe you are celebrating it after all :slight_smile:

I’m thankful for a family who understands and is there for me.
I’m thankful for the advancements in technology for better control
I’m thankful for communities like this where I know I’m not alone =)

I am thankful for my diabetes and all of the wonderful things this condition has brought into my life.

I am so thankful that God is in control and provides so abundantly for all my needs: insurance, good doctors, great job where I can teach others how to live better with diabetes and most of all, a supportive, helpful, loving, understanding husband and children.


I am not a diabetic. My mother is, My husband is, and my maternal grandmother died from it.

I am very thankful my husband is doing well and so is my mother.

Sandy McFerren

Diabetes-wise? Self-monitoring technologies, whole foods, pharmaceutical technologies that allow many of us to enjoy some version of “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner. Online communities, such as TuDiabetes. Online technical resources aimed at physicians but accessible to laymen (such as Endocrine Today and Diabetes In Control). Online technical journals (such as PLoS ONE and BioMed Central). Doctors who are willing and able to engage in active conversation and collaboration rather than the old meme of paternalism/I know better than you do. People who “get it”.

sour apple glucose tablets. already saved me twice this weekend :slight_smile:

im thankful that i have insurance, so my family doesnt have to pay for all my supplies. im also thankful that i got to see my cousin Asha again for thanksgiving after not seeing her for 5 or 6 years.

I am thankful that my medications are cheap.

I am thankful for modern technology (ie The Pump, what a change it has made in my life!), my wonderful husband (of 6 years) Jeff, who puts up with EVERYTHING (diabetes and non-diabetes related), a GREAT endo (Dr. Skyler is THE BEST) and TuDiabetes (this website is a great way to let of steam and learn new things!)

I am thankful to be alive, for family and friends and our incredible family here on TuDiabetes, for loving, caring support, for getting the chance to be a part of this wonderful family that stretches around the world and makes such a difference in the lives of us all. I am thankful for so much beauty in the world, for the ability to love , for the giving and sharing that we all do and the acceptance from everyone and the willingness to be a part of each other that makes our family so unique. I am thankful for Manny and Andreina and all the administrators and everyone who helps us all to be as much as we can be. I am thankful for the scientific advancements, the doctors and even the techs (lab, x-ray, etc) that see us too often for my comfort, and for each and every day whether it be a good one or a bad one, I am thankful. And thank you Kenny for this opportunity

To be honest, the thing I am most thankful for is diabetes itself. It has taught me hard lessons, and made me a better person. Without it, I would’nt be the person I am, having had it since I was 12. I remember the first time I was able to say without sarcasm that I was glad to have diabetes. That didn’t mean I liked having it, it just meant that I could see the worth of it and what my life is now because of it: sweet.

yeah I guess…otherwise 100 years ago we wouldn’t have much of the chance…I hope they will find the cure soon, before its too late for me…but how rapidly my pancreas is dying I just stopped to belive I could save it…sooo…