Thanks, Care Team!

I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU to the members of the Care Team. These may not be folks that appear on the home page as Admins, but they are there to make sure each person in the community is welcome when they join, nobody goes without a Happy Birthday and, just as important anyone in need of support because they are going through a very rough spot, gets the care and support we all have come to love and expect on TuDiabetes.

Please take a moment to join me in thanking them! Thank Marie, Doris, Linda, catlover, SEAGATOR, lotsofshots, Donna H, Jim Roach, Spring, Robyn and many, many more amazing members that day-in, day-out stop by and feel all members a part of the family.

If you would like to help as a part of the Care Team, please go ahead and click to Join. Although there are more than 100 members in the group, people come and go and we can always use any help we can get!

Thank you Manny for your kind words!

As Linda says but no thanks is needed for me.

Thanks to YOU for all you do for the members on TuDiabetes, Linda!!

Well…beg to differ Doris, sorry girl…you’ve left a trail.

We am to please. Right Linda?

Right on!..and aiming to shed a bright light on a sometime bleak day :slight_smile:

Grant you…I’ve slowed down a tad! It’s the dreaded REPORT CARD TIME!!! (Would MUCH rather be greeting!!)

I havent been doing much lately, I am trying to do better! Love all of you! You all do such a wonderful job.

Thank You! Thank You ALL on the Care Team. You have ALL made TuD Members feel Welcomed and Loved.
We Appreciate You Much! You ROCK! :slight_smile:


One Tribe…we are!!! Thanks for bringing us together!!!

i heard it takes a ‘village’ to get on top of this D thing.

good work crew !

Thank you Care Team! ((Hugs))

Thanks to Manny for starting this wonderful community, and the Care Team for making us feel welcomed when we join ! It’s a nice touch that I haven’t seen on other diabetes message boards.