Thank you -

I just want to say thank you to all who have responded to any posts and blogs I have posted. Sometimes, in this hectic world and the extra challenges we all face managing our own diabetes or that of others, we forget to take time to simply say "thank you."

Tu Diabetes has been a great resource for me. I joined years ago - and in between my husband's 2 open heart surgeries, building a house, managing diabetes - I lost contact with this wonderful, helpful community. I have since revisited Tu Diabetes and have received so much help from members.

Thanks again!


It is really nice to hear from members that TuDiabetes has been a positive thing in their lives.

In the end, all we truly have to manage this condition is each other.

I agree. This is a great community, something that should evoke gratitude. We are at our best when we reach out and try to help another.

That's awful nice of you!1 (even if I didn't participate in any posts)