Thank you, Gerri!

All of us at Diabetes Hands Foundation want to extend a HUGE thanks to TuDiabetes member Gerri for her years of help and support of the TuDiabetes community as part of our volunteer administrative team. Gerri has stepped off of the admin team, but continues to be an active member of this community.

As a volunteer admin, Gerri has read countless posts in the community, helped innumerable people navigate the site, acted as an anti-spam watchdog in order to keep our members safe from internet predators of all kinds, and has otherwise gone far above and beyond the call of duty to help keep this community healthy and safe.


Your hardwork and energy will be missed. Thank you for all that you've done. We wish you tons of luck with whatever you tackle next!!


Thanks Gerri for sharing your energy, wisdom and love!

Thank you Gerri! <3

Thank you, Gerri! I have so appreciated your wise words and support over these years. You are awesome!

we love ya, Gerri!!!

Thank you Gerri, you will be missed on the admin team. I am glad, though, that you will continue to be a member.

Gerri, Live long and prosper

Thank you Gerri !!!!!

Thanks for giving so much of yourself and for always being positive, supportive, helpful, funny and thoughtful!

Whether you're on the Admin team or just another civilian, you're still one of the most steady and honest people on here, and a great role model for newcomers. I'm sure you will make good use of your time. I want to use the cliche people use for military personnel, "thanks for your service", but in this case I actually mean it!

Thank-You Gerri!

Thanks for being so generous, passionate, and dedicated in your time serving in the Admin team. You continue to be an inspiration for so many in the community!

I consider myself fortunate that we have crossed paths online. Now, if we can only meet in person, huh? ;)


good luck gerri on anything u do in the future love u lots

soooo with u manny and judith!!!

Thanks for all that you do!

Joining all the others who said it first, thank you, Gerri!

Thanks for all you have done. I've always felt we were kindred spirits and I really pleased to have you as a friend.

And just stepping down doesn't relieve you of the obligation to meet Manny and I somewhere in the near future.

Gerri, my friend, thanks for all you have done to make tuD the wonderful place it has become.