Thanksgiving recipes wanted; Low Carb (low fat, too)

I need a recipe for Brocolli Quiche and sweet potato pie or any other great Thanksgiving recipes to share.

Maybe we can all share

Michelle, I am tweaking my recipes to make them more healthy. I am just steaming the vegetables, using broth instead of milk in the potatoes, sugar substitute in the pies. I am also making the pumpkin pie in a spring form pan with just a dusting of gingersnaps crumbs on the bottom (cuts carb content and calories drastically). My cranberry sauce also uses sweetner instead of sugar.

Can you post them?

I’ll dig them out and try to put them on tomorrow.

I tried making a home made cranberry no sugar sauce. It was a disaster. What is your secret?

Can you post it? I had one that had no sugar but called for a cup of rum!