Favorite Low carb Thanksgiving recipe?

Do you have a favorite low carb Thanksgiving recipe?

Ciopinno!!! Which is a seafood stew!!! I had to dump all the traditional stuff so I started a new tradition.
Besides it is the start of crab season and the dish is a San Francisco tradition.


Low carb creme brulee.

I did alter the recipe a little bit. The custard wasn’t sweet enough for me so I added some more sweetener to my taste and I mixed half a teaspoon of real sugar into the topping that was going to go onto my serving so that I could get that authentic crunchy, caramelized feel.
Not specifically Thanksgiving related but the only time I’ve made it is during Thanksgiving.

Also last year I made a cheesy cast iron skillet bread that my cornbread loving brother actually thought was real cornbread!

I like the pearl onions in the cream sauce.

I usually cook turkey breasts with this recipe, so juicy and soft, can advise to try it Bone In Chicken Breast Sous Vide

I usually make sandwiches with it and take everywhere :sandwich:

Most diabetics don’t eat bread, but I would take sous vide chicken breast (or roast chicken breast) salads out with me.
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