Personal testimonials about celebrating Thanksgiving?

Hi everyone! When I’m not hanging around, I work at a community health clinic that serves uninsured folks in Berkeley and Oakland, CA. A great number of them are fellow diabetics, though overwhelmingly they are type 2’s. My organization, LifeLong Medical Care, is organizing a pre-Thanksgiving event focusing on food and family and I’ve volunteered to gather recipes, share some advice on how to celebrate with non-diabetic family members/the food police, and write up a personal testimony about living with diabetes, especially around the holidays. I feel pretty comfortable writing my personal story, but I’m a young white middle-class female from NY with type 1 diabetes, which gives me a particular perspective on food, holidays and on life with diabetes. I’m reaching out to my extended TuDiabetes family and asking if any of you would like to share your personal perspective on living life and celebrating food and family as a diabetic. Any type 2’s or LADA’s out there, southerners, people from the midwest, the southwest, the west coast, men, older (and wiser!) folks, parents of diabetic children, African Americans, Pacific Islanders, Asians, Latinos, Native Americans out there who want to share your story and help fellow diabetics better deal with the holidays, which can be rough for all of us, but can also be an opportunity to talk about our health with our loved ones. Any of your favorite diabetic-friendly recipes would be wonderful, as well : ) You can reply to this post if you’d like or send me a message.

Thank you so much everyone!