That G4 sweet spot

Firstly, get that Grafenberg smut out of your mind... :-)

I seem to have blood chemistry that Dexcom engineered the G4 for.

I just hit the 3 day Mark on my latest sensor, the point at which it gets really accurate. Scary accurate. Stays that way through at least day 14... Two weeks is typically what I get out of a sensor.

With very rare exception, my G4 will be within +/- 10 mg/dl of my Omnipod (Freestyle) meter, more often than not +/- 5.

This is cruisin' time for BG management... of any tool, my CGM has played the biggest role in making really good control possible.

It's good to read you're getting great performance from the G4. I've had similar results and can't imagine living without it. I'm not sure what I'll do in four years when Medicare refuses to pay for my CGM. One thing I've made part of my routine is to always do two fingersticks and use the average when I calibrate my Dex.