That game just made me physically sick

ok, more likely sick because i needed to calm down and also need something to eat, but sigh. ugh. grrr.

Hochuli…Hochuli …Hochuli .

can’t say you blew it, it’s too little too late. i mean their QB said it was a fumble.
so i know it’s been a while, but just been pretty busy and i’m also dealing with some health issues.

I have a mild case of elbow ulnar neuropathy and also my wrist problem from work. so being on the comp all the time is not what i can do anymore. I may have surgery soon, but still waiting, i see the OS again in a few more weeks.

I had my checkup last week. Everything is, the doctor’s word, “Excellent”. Cholesterol, Kidneys, Liver, just everything excellent. My A1C went up to 5.8, back in April it was 5.7. I’m extremely happy. I do need to get back to the eating habits I had back when i first was diagnosed. I’m at a plateau right now as far as weight loss, but i know I will get through this.

reminder to self, sign up for Step Out in San Diego. Any fellow members going to take part?

Well, hope all is well with everyone. i need to watch some happy chargers moments before bed. to youtube i go.


GO BOLTS…yet another tough season start for our Chargers. I too am feeling pretty sickly after that fumble-roosky and I feel like hurting a referee.

Still what a game. And hey, you gotta kinda root for Cutler right now…even though he is our sworn enemy, I’m glad he’s healthy and taking care of his diabetes. He looks way better than he did last year prior to his diagnosis.

Still…diabetic or not…that was a freekin fumble Cutler! Chargers FTW!