New lab results

I can’t seem to catch a break. Every time I get good news from the doctors, there’s always a little bit of bad news. At least during this last round of lab results. First, all my regular labs, cholesterol, thyroid, etc, came out normal. Even my a1c was its lowest at 5.9. I expected my a1c to have gone up because I had such a lousy summer, feeling tired and suffering from heart burns. Even with the nice low a1c, my bg started spiking in the morning. Of course this baffled the dr and she asked me come in and double check my meter. So today I went into the office and my meter is fine. Her only thinking of such a bg reading could be attributed to the UTI I had, and possibly due to the cold I currently have. Ok, so don’t worry about it because the a1c is great. However, the ultrasound results have already come back.

Since I was complaining of the nauseousness and heartburn that wouldn’t go away,my doctor sent me to go an ultrasound to rule out gall bladder stones. Well gall bladder stones have been eliminated, but I have a fatty liver that could become a problem if gets worse. Yikes! Since my cholesterol is good enough to not be on meds, and since I’m already taking metformin, we are going to keep a close eye on my liver enzymes to make sure they do not rise.

So it all comes to this … Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! I need to shed the last 20 lbs to be in my healthy bmi. Feeling tired all summer took my motivation to take advantage of the outdoors. But despite all the bad news, I know that my diet is working, and that the good Lord hasn’t forgotten me and He is still my strength in this daily struggle.

Keep fighting, its not easy but you will get there.

Thanks! I’ve been taking new vitamins and am experiencing more energy.Just too bad I’ve got a cold and caring for my five kids who also have school and colds. It’s a daily battle but I take it one day at a time.