That high blood sugar feeling

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who gets that feeling. I just don't know how to describe it. How would you describe it?

I describe it as slushy, like I can perceive the sugar clumps clogging up my arteries, veins and capillaries.

Overnight I sleep like a baby and love it. A descriptive word would be yummmm
When I wake up with it, the word for several hours after is ...S**T

If I’m between 250-350, I’ll feel very sleepy. Anything over 350, I can actually feel my blood vessels are very angry!!! Sort of like they want to explode. It’s a feeling thats hard to discribe. Anxious to hear how others discribe it.

I feel sticky. My vision gets blurry, my mouth gets cottony, and I get a distinct pressure in my head (not really a headache, but a feeling on pressure, like my brain is swelling). I also get tired. It’s a drowsy fatigue that makes me want to just curl up on the couch and take a nap.

Well, I guess I could describe it. I kind of get anxious, a bit hot, and ... I don't know how explain the rest. I think I mostly feel anxious because I know I'm going to be upset when I see a number that is over 230.

Yes, I feel sticky too!

I feel like I have just eaten a huge meal, even if I have had nothing to eat.

I get the head thing too; it makes me want to close my eyes. I can tell when my blood sugar is getting back towards normal because I can open my eyes and my head feels ok.

The massive high feeling would be feeling like I'm on fire and wanting to throw up, this would be ketones. The high enough feeling would be wanting to go to sleep and feeling weak, can't move my limbs. Horrible dry or sticky mouth and quite irritable. It was kinda daft trying to concentrate at school and college when I could barely sit up straight. Sometime when I was high my vision would go funny and headaces. Going to the loo too much and being dehydrated. Gosh I dunno how I managed to function with all that going on.

I have always described lows as feeling sharp and prickly, and highs as feeling thick and sluggish. I get sharp headaches when low, and dull headaches when high.

It sounds like a train is roaring through my head, my right eye wants to pop, and I am sleepy and can't concentrate on anything.

I once had another T1D describe how when you get pretty high or are high for a while, it almost feels like you're breathing chemicals, and I know what she means. It's the weirdest feeling. My body just feels like it's turning toxic.

Exactly my experience too! And my feet get tingly. Like somebody puts tiny needles in my soles. I hate that feeling.

I just feel very lethargic when I'm high.. and cranky! Sometimes it's hard for me to tell whether I'm just tired (from school) or if my blood sugar is high before testing.

When I'm high, I deal with my usual.. Blurred vision, pale complextion, can't concentrate, feel sleepy, grumpy... Other times, I will deal with tightness in my chest which sometimes leads to shortness of breath, "breathing chemicals" (never knew how to explain that one), rapid heart beat...

I feel tingly but bad tingly, I also get a weird stiffness in my jaw. it is the best indicator because the other symptoms can come from low sugars too.

Of course this is totally different from DKA which takes a while to set in.

if i am really high and my BS wont even register on my meter, i feel like i am going to vomit, and often i do. i am also very very thirsty, but every time i drink some water, i puke. its a lose lose situation until my insulin brings me down again. as for moderate highs (200s-300s) my legs get very achy, heavy and painful.i feel like i am coming down with the these BS levels, i can always feel the high. which is funny because with lows, i dont register a problem until i am below 40 or 50. i can even go down to 35 and not notice it until i am shaking and sweating and confused.