That time of the month

I was wondering if the women out there are having the same issue with PMS as me. About a week to 10 days pre time my numbers run higher. I noticed when I was injecting I had to dose double during this time. Now that Im pumping, this is a first. I understand I have to adjust my basal, but does anyone else have to dose twice as much-or close to at any given time of the month?

I also have favorie foods that require for me to double dose no matter what my ratio is, such as oatmeal- even the high fiber! It just freaks me out to go three weeks dosing say 20:1 and one week at 10:1, I would hate to get the days confused.

That’s completely normal, Marnie. You might check out some discussions in the Diabetes and Women group here. I know we’ve talked about it there some. (Here’s one example.) It may be necessary to chart your cycle and then have a basal profile you can activate during that time.

We have a member here whose daughter has gone DKA over ten times during PMS. I find I produce ketones pre-menstrual. If you’re not checking for it with the highs, it’s worth grabbing a bottle of strips and just checking the few days before your cycle.

Yep… after you ovulate your body produces progesterone to help support any potential pregnancy… which causes a bit of insulin resistance. How much varies from person to person though… if you can track your cycles (or at least look for signs you are ovulating), it’s easier to compensate for.

I have heard that the balance of progesterone and estrogen determines when in our cycle we require more insulin.

I actually have extreme insulin sensitivity 2-3 days before I start menstruating. I usually know that it’s coming when I have 2-3 unexplained lows. So now I need to keep a careful eye on when those days are coming. (Admittedly, instead of lowering my basal, I have 2 days where I eat large quantities of chocolate. Bad, I know.)

I think that I experience highs at another point in my cycle, but I need to log better to figure out if it is consistent or not.

my insulin needs double overnight starting a couple of days before my period. my gyno prescribed seasonique for me so i only have to deal with it 4 times a year [yay!] but that obviously isn’t for everyone.

You’re not alone and it’s super frustrating! Not to mention the fact that I also seem to get this insatiable hunger during those days! Super hunger + ridiculous insulin requirements = disaster a few days every month! :confused:

Immediately after starting though, I become super insulin sensitive and have to lower my rates.

It’s just silly all around.

mine isn’t with PMS, but when I reach the middle of my cycle and ovulate, my numbers go up and are harder to bring down. I become a little more insulin sensitive right before i start.

and have you tried adding in some protein with the oatmeal? it helps me with foods that don’t want to listen to the bolus… i Just add a bit of egg or some cheese and it seems to keep it from being as much of a problem

Mattie, I think that I experience the same thing. Right around ovulation. I’m trying to be better about logging my cycle and my blood sugars so I can finally figure this out!!

it’s never like a huge high, but I"ll have trouble getting it to stay below 150. I"m starting the pump next week so I"m hoping I"ll be able to work on this, but for now I’ve just been upping my basal by 3 units for a couple of days. I recommend to chart, it’s a pretty good site to keep track of everything. But it’s nice to know someone else has the same issue!

This is me all the way. On average I only take in about 20-30 units depending on what I eat, but on a day like today, and its only 4 pm, I have already surpassed that. I want salty and then chocolate, my educator is going to love to see my bolus patterns this time.

She had me up my basal for 24 hrs to 110%. If that dosen’t work she said we’ll take it to 115%, and work from there. Gotta love the D, always learning…

I have also, but it dosen’t seem to make a difference. I shall try again, who knows, what didn’t work last week may tomorrow.

Ugh, me too with the salty followed by chocolate!!!

Yes…and I drop when I start. Dr. Javonovich (CA) has written quite a bit about it. I hope to get more info from my CGMS this month…what I know is from fingersticks.

I too have issues with this and produce ketones and just have stubborn BS that won’t come below the 150 mark. it’s super frustrating as I’m relatively new to D, only three months! I just started tracking it this month to give to my endo so we can make decisions with my lantus. I hate the sweet and salty cravings! They are the worst! If I have one that I just cannot get rid of, I have popcorn and mm’s. It’s the best! lol