The Asheville Project

Hello all… I did a search on tudiabetes for the Asheville Project and did not find anything so I wanted to make sure I introduced this concept to the community if no one has heard about it. This is worth a read in how Asheville NC shifted diabetic care to area pharmacists to serve as “coaches” on a monthly basis. The results are very impressive.

Here is a link to the site:


I just watched a video on DLife about this project. From what I from what I understand, if you are a city employee you are teamed with a pharmacist and all your diabetes meds/supplies are provided free of charge. It was very exciting. Other companies are also following this concept. I’ll see if I can find the video on DLife and post the link here.

That would be great! Thank you…

Here’s the video from DLife about the Asheville Project.

that video is so encouraging… I hope more employers look into this. All it takes is one person within a company to ask the question to HR to get the ball rolling.

I would like to find a list of the 40 other companies and municipalities that have adopted the “Asheville Project”

Here is a start:

Mohawk Industries Inc. Dublin GA
VF Corporation, Greensboro and Wilson NC
Lakeshore Business Coalition, Manitowoc WIS
Kroger, Columbus OH
Ohio State University, Columbus OH

Here is a PDF on HOW to replicate the Asheville market anywhere… that is where I got these names…