The Beatles

okay, so me and my 2 friends are completly obsessed with the beatles. We love John(ashley) George(delia) Ringo(me) but paul… we don’t really like paul. his nose is to skinny and he’s too i dont know hes just weird. and a druggie. and also he sings “I Feel Fine” and in the lyrics which he sings “i’m so glad she’s my little girl” dare i say pedofile? also sometimes you can’t understand a word he says… therefore we have established the “Paul is weird” club. if you think Paul is wierd then join

Oh no, Paul is my favorite. Golden Slumbers, Band on the Run, Hey Jude, Penny Lane, and the best of all Yesterday. No,I were gonna go a weird Beatles club, it woudl be George. I do not like the sitar, never have.

But the most fun is disagreeing about Beatles songs. So many of us on here have been debating the best and worst, for years, welcome to the great debate.

rick phillips

PS: Let it Be, Eleanor Rigby, Maybe I’m Amazed, Etc, Etc, Etc.

Love The Beatles for longer than I care to admit:)

My favorite was John for his talent, intelligence, activisim & mischieviousness.

They all took drugs:)

Aaaah…the Beatles. Love them since the moment I heard music. I love all of them as a group…but Paul is my favorite. Primarily because of his music witing ability. With such limited technology back then they have developed so much musical art. I like their music specially from the late 1965 and on. My husband is also a Beatles fan…we have been collecting memorabilias for more than 20 years now. Some items are even passed on from our parents…also Beatles fans. From a 1963 Vintage Hofner Violine shaped base, to vinyls, to dolls and lunch boxes =)

well i know they were all on drugs… lol and it is amazing how John and PAul were both amazing song writers with the limited technology. i’m just saying that Paul in general is just strange. but Ringo is my favorite cuz he was the funnier one and i love some of his quotes. idk hes just my favorite (“America: it’s like britian only wiht buttons.”) <- my favorite quoute!

ha i like that awnser! yea george is tied for my 2nd favorite with john

The Beatles are a religion in my household. ; -)

no he’s still alive… fro now…


Mark’s teasing about Paul being dead. Many decades ago, there was a hoax that Paul was dead fueled by the cover of Abbey Road, playing a song backwards that said “Paul is dead” & a bunch of other stuff.

One of my first records was the Beatles…my brother was older than I and he introduced me to a wide range of music in the 60’s and 70’s. My daughter is 18yrs old and her boyfriend “Loves” the Beatles…so nice to see that good things last forever!
PS honey dont ever believe anything Mark (below) says…he is a big joker, but a very nice man.

OMG! Hysterical!

omg that’s awsum! i want that dog!!

Ohh my good grief, you need to sort yourself out!

Simply being the beatles, including Paul too makes them iconic. You should love him for the simple fact of being part of the Beatles. Fact my friend.

I’m quite shocked at you actually :slight_smile:

im not saying i like hate him. im just saying hes my least favorite. hes cool cuz he was in the beatkes and was one of the main contributors. hes cool as in the band sence but in general just a very stange human being