Trivia Question #9

3 out of 5 inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame have this in common.

What is it?

These are so fun I get a lauigh out of them every time. Ok here is my answer.

KISSABLE LIPS (okay I realize this makes Mick J one of the 5 and not one of the 3)

They are diabetics

good one, but not right :wink:

Drug users?

no formal music training

They are American.

They all had #1 hits

They all failed in school?

they are in a band, not a single performer

If it is just for 2008 then it is just the opposite…they are single performers. Madonna, John Mellencamp, Leonard Cohen

Eric Clapton was in all three bands

They’re from the USA?

The answer is they are hearing impaired.

Thanks Karen,
That was a tricky one. I guess i like the wildest answers best. You are realy good with these. They are really entertaining.

Thank you Saundra, but I cannot take the credit as I get them from another site I visit and feeling very guilty about using them. :frowning:

It doesn’t matter where you get them Karen. You are giving credit to this other site and it is a fun thing you offer us. We can give a serious answer or we can be silly. Either way it is entertaining and fun for us and we really appreciate the time you take to bring it to us. Please tell the other people we really are enjoying the trivia questions and the guessing. And be sure to thank them for us as we thank you for them. If I had a book of these I could offer some back to you. Since I do not, I am very grateful for wherever you get them. Laughter shared is such a wonderful thing. Thank you for bringing to our day.

Saundra, I emailed my friend at the other site, and this was her response to me. :slight_smile:

Hi Karen!

I think it’s great another group is getting to enjoy the trivia questions, too! Hope you’re getting more responses! I thought about stopping, but everyone seems to really enjoy them, so guess I’ll keep going. Glad the TuDiabetes crowd are having fun with it, too. I haven’t been there so long that I may not be a member anymore. Guess I should check.

Hugs, (oops… no hugs for you … just air hugs )

they all have hearing loss of some kind