The best diabetes news source?


I am trying to find all the best sources for diabetes news so I can monitor them for important updates. What places do you visit for information?

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Today’s Headlines from Diabetes News Hound

“New Treatments Helping Diabetics Avoid Amputations” – New technology and treatments have helped more and more diabetics avoid this serious and scary complication. Read more here:

“Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug May Freeze Type 1 Diabetes Progression” – A new trial is showing that the drug may help newly diagnosed diabetics keep their remaining insulin-producing cells. Read more here:

“Lack of Sleep Increases Risk of Diabetes” – A new study shows that a lack of sleep is tied to insulin resistance and the body’s inability to effectively manage blood-sugar. Read more here:

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I like They send a weekly newsletter with updates.

Hi Chris,

Will check it out. Wonderful service to have timely updates. I’ll send you my email address to add to your distribution. Thanks!