Where do you turn for breaking diabetes news?

Curious where people go for headlines on research, events, new devices & developments. Do you use Google Alerts or any other sources that deliver updates? How do you rate the one(s) you subscribe to? Pros & cons?

Is this something you’d like to see more frequently on Tu?

Thanks for your thoughts & suggestions.

I figure if something happens someone will post about it here?

In addition to reading TuDiabetes on most days I also regularly follow DiabetesMine and diaTribe. Less frequently I check into the JDRF website for research news and any news on the Artificial Pancreas Project. These four sources seem to cover most of the diabetes news that interests me.

I sometimes check: http://diabetes.alltop.com/

I added a custom section to Google news for diabetes as well as for low carb high fat diet and paleolithic life which has a lot of diet news items. These are all canned choices, I believe you can add a custom one of your own with your own choices for keywords.

Well there’s never really any interesting news to me; it seems as though they’ve been reaching AMAZING milestones towards a cure since the dawn of man, and all research groups are separated and don’t wanna cooperate and form alliances, so I got bored of the drama haha

On the days that I work, I tend to use Facebook so that I can have all the info coming in on one newsfeed. Bloodsugar 101 has a page which you can like. Jenny posts links and the members can comment. There is a TuD member who runs 2 Facebook groups. One is T2 and the other is Canadian. She too posts great links and members comment.

My favourite blog continues to be "Trials and Tribulations of a Type One Diabetic" . She has lots of great information including info about complications. Also, Natalie is developing a great blog.... "The Odd Duck Out".

Hey all. Would you like to see more news articles on TuDiabetes? If so, what kind of news would you be interested in? Research, new products, stories about people with diabetes...?

I kinda go with the new products and i LOVE to hear about ppl with Diabetes myself

My own personal preference is posts to a thread that contain some information with a link if I want to persue it further.Kind of like the headlines on my google gadgets. I'm not big on reading blogs, so if I just see a link with no description I ignore it. That's just me.

That's my preference also. I don't follow blogs. What type of news interests you?

I get a daily email summary from DiabetesPro SmartBrief


I also subscribe to diatribe, and of course read here.

Honestly? Most research to me is either above my head technical, poorly constructed studies (and I do have to be honest and say we've had our share of those on here), or something that might turn into something one day down the road...or it might not. I hope that doesn't sound too negative or stick my head in the sandish. I do glance at things that look interesting, but don't go much further than that.If I had a recently diagnosed child I would probably be more interested. I do enjoy the show dlife (except the cooking segment that I don't like at all) so I'm trying to think about what I like about that - aha! I do like stories about PWD's and I also like stories about treatment more than research. It's more in the present to me. I like hearing from professionals of all kinds in D care, authors of books and programs such as TCOYD, etc. Conferences, talks, and for me, things about the emotional aspects of diabetes (and professionals who work in this area).

I follow lots of good & reliable members of the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) on Twitter. Manny is on there just about every day and I watch what he's interested in. (it's also fun because he tweets about things other than diabetes). We have a Group here

and lots of TuDiabetes members have mentioned their Twitter handles (mine is @MarieBe) and also Lorraine (@Colcalli) has a nice tutorial there.

I mostly use DiabetesMine and Tu, but I also have customized my Google News to include a Type 1 section.

I periodically head over to Bennet's YDMV site - almost always good info there, plus it is frequently funny, too!

The Swedes did a study saying that low carb was better for blood sugar control and LIPIDS than low fat high carb, But then we know that.

I check diabetesnews.com. Not only does it have the latest news and developments pertaining to research and new products, but it also lists the newest clinical trials that are recruiting patients. The articles cover the gamut from fairly shallow mainstream media to more advanced research findings from online professional publications. This is my number one "go-to" resource and is much more comprehensive than the charitable organizations or web sites aimed toward the new diabetes survivor.