The CIQ as a "dumb pump"

I have attempted to re-start my last and only sensor three times today using Timothy’s method and also popping the transmitter out of the sensor without success. The shipment of my CGM and pump supplies will be delayed by at least a week due to a mistake on the part of the supplier. My question is: Do I have to completely redo my basal rates since they will not have a cgm reading to govern them with CIQ? It’s been a long time since I used the ‘dumb pump’ part of X2. I am really concerned.

It depends on what settings you put in pump. Some inflate their basal rates, knowing CIQ will reduce/suspend basal.
Without cgm, its likely you want a lower basal if you use higher basal rates.

You can have several basal settings (profiles) stored on pump, with one of them as active, under Personal profiles. One should be set up as backup for situation w/o cgm.

How long have you had Tandem? What doses did you use before? MDI or another pump?

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I had Tandem Tslim original for 5 years, the X2 since November 2020. When I got the CIQ, my basal doses increased substantially, and before Tandem I had Metronic Revel 723 for 5+ years.

Do you ever use the t:connect app which uploads all your pump data to the Tandem cloud?

If so, you can log into the Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc | t:connect website and see just how much adjusted insulin you’ve been getting as a basal rate. That hyperlink should take you to the login screen. If you get redirected to a “get started” page, telling you to download the pump updater software for your computer, disregard it. Just modify the web address, deleting everything after “.com” and it should take you to the login screen instead.

After you log in, click on the “reports” tab at the top of your screen to see your therapy timeline. Select the dates you want, and I’d go for at least a week’s worth of data. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page to expand the “logbook” section. It will show you exactly how much basal was given at any given hour.

I’m sorta in the same boat. I’m trying to prove to Tandem/Dexcom that my transmitter is faulty. It won’t take calibrations and everything is totally off. They’ve replaced every single sensor I’ve used with it thus far, and refuse as of yet to accept that it’s a transmitter problem. They just expect me to keep changing the sensor every day, like it’ll magically fix the problem. I’ve found looking back at past automated pump delivery really helpful for fine tuning my basal rates, especially at night when I’m not conscious enough to recognize a low. I basically just look for an average amongst certain time blocks.


Your settings won’t change. But ciq will not make adjustments.

Restarting doesn’t always work. At some point all the reagent gets used up and it will not restart because there isn’t enough signal for the start program

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They won’t change just by losing cgm or by turning off ciq, but if profile is set “aggressively”, then it is a good idea to use another profile.

I like Robyn’s idea of checking T:Connect web data.

In my case I keep getting cloud errors, and doubt my recent data has successfully uploaded. But I do have a profile of my Medtronic pump settings as backup.

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Thank you Timothy for pointing out a reason for restarting that doesn’t always work. I tried three times yesterday and without success. But I had read some back posts on this forum about ‘popping’ out the transmitter with a guitar pick. I tried that and apparently the ‘fourth’ time is charm because the warm-up period completed and I started getting readings. Granted the first three reading were way off - almost 100 points. I gave it the rest of the day and it seems to have settled down. How long it will stay active is an “unknown” but ideally I would like it to be until my next shipment of sensors/transmitter comes in. I thought I would share this for whatever it is worth.

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Excellent suggestion and I will do this today. The idea of an alternate profile as a backup is something I never considered. Thank you for your suggestion.

When I started Tandem over a year ago, both my endo and tandem contact emphasized to first start with profile similar to prior pump, and tweak if needed, BEFORE even turning CIQ on. You may want 2 or 3, if you had done so on prior pump, for exercise, sick days, or other situations

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I use ultra-heavy 2mm Dunlop picks, so I could never use 'em for popping out a transmitter. Too thick! But test strips do the job. Glad it worked for you! (FWIW the waiting period after removal seems to be the critical factor. I give it 15 minutes before clicking it back in and doing the restart. Seems pretty reliable.)

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I have never heard this before either, but then I don’t have an Endo, and the Tandem contact person was in a big hurry when she talked with me. I had two separate profiles on my Medtronic pump or I should say I wrote them down on paper as a backup. Funny how we all are taught different things about the pump.

Some people learn from others the stuff that’s not in the training guides. For CIQ, many people use sleep mode all day, and tweak basals to get better (more aggressive response) from CIQ. There are several discussions here related to that.

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Sleep mode does not deliver automatic bolus. So if you go way out of range it will take a long time to correct on it’s own.
I’m pretty on top of mine so I can run it in sleep mode.

I generally don’t though. I found that having it switch to sleep mode at 8pm and switch off at 11 am is best for me.

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I restart regularly and have never had a restart fail. I use test strips to pop out the G6 transmitter. I generally wait 30 minutes, but it is nice to know that as short as 15 minutes works.

I assume at some point, Dexcom will force us to move to G7. From the little I have read about it, it does not seem likely to be restartable, but then T1Ds are a creative group…

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My re-start adventure was successful up to the point where my sensor literally fell off my arm. The adhesive was coming loose prior to the restart, so I applied tape. That tape also came loose after a few days, so I put on additional tape which lasted only 1 day. It was a good run while it lasted. Now I am down to using the dumb pump until the DME decides they have whatever paperwork they need and sends both pump supplies and cgm supplies.

I have had Tandem for 6+ years. The current pump had a hiccup a little while back and I lost the complete history of pump activity since I started the X2 which was November 2020. I called Tandem but got nowhere with their technical support people. I consulted a CDE online and was told the pump should still function safely. I managed to find my ‘pump notebook’ in which I had written down on paper my doses for the pump for the past 5 years. So I should be able to figure out how to operate the ‘dumb pump’. I do miss the CIQ already.